Charmaine Yoest at CPAC

I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life yesterday afternoon,

I asked her about her about how she was received at Princeton University when she visited a couple of years ago.

She was well received, however, the questions from the audience “showed the lockdown on information women’s studies departments have had on college campuses – the lack of information on women’s options other than abortion.”

For instance, her audience “had not heard arguments on how abortion hurts women.”

To me, it is a non-religious issue. She agreed, and explained that “the data is clear there are so few women who would willingly choose abortion.” We both agreed that the push for abortion lets men off the hook too easily.

I mentioned to Charmaine that local newspapers serving the Princeton area frequently carry advertising offering female Princeton students $10,000 for donating an egg. Charmaine talked about the dangers involved in egg donations, and the risks of complications. Worst yet, it points to “the commoditizing of women.”

I’ll post the YouTube of Charmaine at CPAC later.

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