The start of the Dark Ages in Venezuela

A thousand words in one picture:


The caption reads,

This image, widely circulated online, adorned the front page of El Nacional, a leading Venezuelan newspaper. The original caption reads, in translation, “National Guardsmen suppressing the students in Maracaibo and other state capitals showed a new yet primitive weapon: a thick chain with hooks capable of tearing and doing serious damage to those attacked.”

H/t Joe Lima

Who makes these weapons? Are they imported, or are they a Hugolandia exclusive?

Today’s editorial at the Wall Street Journal, The Chávez Meltdown
There’s a lot of ruin in Venezuela.

UPDATE, Sunday 31 January
How many forms of torture can you count in this picture?

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15 Responses to “The start of the Dark Ages in Venezuela”

  1. Ryan Says:

    That’s a grappling hook. It’s used to grab hold of a ledge so you can scale buildings, not a swinging weapon (unless they’re just using it as one)

  2. C Barnes Says:

    Any chance Oliver Stone will do a sequel to “South of the Border”, his cinematic love letter to Chavez?

  3. Pat Patterson Says:

    But as long as Chavez has people willing to swing those grappels on their fellow Venezuelans then his government will stand.

  4. david salguero Says:

    i’m so beyond word. How idiotic. I’m here in Vanezuela and I’ve been in the middle of all this. The majority of the people getting hurt are Chavistas. The two students killed, Chavistas, not including the dozens of police being attacked. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. These are not peaceful protests. In fact it was already discovered that students had been paid to organize these violent efforts to destabilized. Everything can be manipulated, even images. I’ve seen it. I’ve even been threatened in my own home. If you really want the truth come see for yourself

  5. david salguero Says:

    that is actually a tool they use to pull burning piles of garbage and tires that the students like to light on fire aside to allow traffic to flow. Here in Merida, small groups of kids, some underage, go around the city blocking traffic with these fires. On my street alone there are like three blackened spots where they did this. It’s a big problem. The tie up traffic for hours and vandalize cars.

  6. david salguero Says:

    by the way, those people sitting there look so worried and oppressed. Look at the horror in their eyes.

  7. Nolanimrod Says:

    Now they need Belushi & Ackroyd to come bursting through a wall. “NOBODY expects …”

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  9. Pat Patterson Says:

    Does this mean the ones that have their hands in the air are doing it because the guards suggested they stretch just a bit to stay comfortable? These types of grappels by the way have a long and sordid history in South America going back to the conquistadores and the Inquisition. Hooks of various sizes are used as the chain is played out to simply either throw the target down or flay the flesh even through chain mail armor.

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  11. Enoch_Root Says:

    i know it misses the point, but the Dark Ages is a creation of schismatics – and retroactively I might add. more apropos to term it life in Russia after the czars.

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  13. Democrat=Socialist Says:


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