“How tall is Scott Brown?”

Yesterday I was checking the blog stats on what people were looking for (a.k.a. “keyword analysis”) when coming to my blog, and whoa! 10% of people coming to my blog wanted to know “How tall is Scott Brown?”

In the interest of bringing my readers the important information they need, I asked my friend and investigative blogger Dan Riehl, who in turn replied,

I zoomed in on the Cosmo article – says 6’2″ if they were telling the truth. You may have to zoom in all the way but you can make it out.

There you have it,

Scott Brown is 6’2″

Or at least he was 6’2″ back in 1982, according to Cosmo.

And, as an additional public service to my readers (and further rule #5), you can check out the 1982 centerfold photo again right here:


Click on the photo for a better view.

Let’s hope he only waxes his truck and not his body.

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2 Responses to ““How tall is Scott Brown?””

  1. newton Says:

    I have a “Modest” Proposal here.

    How about a Scott Brown Calendar? It will sell like hot cakes (with lots of emphasis on “hot”) and raise plenty of dough for his 2012 Presidential Senatorial campaign!


  2. Dreidel Says:

    Heights stated by magazines like Cosmo are always suspect. (Fan magazines in the 1950s said that Elvis was 6’2″. According to Army medical records, his real height was just under 6′.)

    On stage Tuesday night, Brown appeared the same height as his taller daughter, who is reportedly 6’0″ when barefooted, but was probably wearing higher heels than he was.