Cato does the SotUS

Via Instapundit, Cato Institute Scholars Analyze the 2010 State of the Union Address

Meanwhile, Marc Thiessen looks at the national security question:

the president’s brief discussion of terrorism focused not on what he was doing to defend the country but was, rather, a vigorous defense of himself. His first words on the subject were a chastisement of those who would dare criticize his handling of terrorism, declaring that “all of us love this country” and warning his Republican critics to “put aside the schoolyard taunts about who is tough.” It’s all about him. No acknowledgement of how close we came to disaster or praise for the brave passengers who subdued the terrorist. No, only this message for his critics: If you question the wisdom of telling a captured terrorist “you have the right to remain silent,” you are really questioning the president’s patriotism and engaging in childish taunts.

The fact is, the American people have real concerns about Obama’s approach to terrorism. They do question the wisdom of eliminating CIA interrogations, closing Guantanamo Bay, bringing the terrorists held there to this country, putting Khalid Shiekh Mohammed and his cohorts on trial in civilian courts, and giving captured terrorists Miranda rights after 50 minutes of questioning. Instead of acknowledging these concerns, Obama dismissed them. It was strange, defensive, arrogant — and un-presidential.

Or, as Michelle Obama’s Mirror put it,

Summary of the big read in a half dozen wordsor less: insincere, preachy, condescending, immature, petulant and smirky.

And not what the Union needs.

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Nobody can eviscerate a rara avis the way Ace can (h/t Larwyn).
And don’t bother reading Florence of Arabia, either.


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