Book of Eli preview

Denzel, Gary Oldman, apocalyptic story, and action-adventure… what more can a woman want?

I haven’t been to the movies yet, but this review by John Nolte caught my attention, REVIEW: ‘Book of Eli’ Delivers God, Guns, and Guts. Oh yeah, that sounds good to me,

Like most of you, many years ago I decided that after the apocalypse it will be The Mighty Gary Oldman I’ll choose as arch-nemesis to my Road Warrior (or Tina Turner). Oldman has a high-old time here, and what a credit to this great actor that he can perfectly inhabit the buttoned-down Commissioner Gordon one day and leave no scenery left un-chewed as Carnegie the next. Every line of dialogue, facial expression and movement is delivered for maximum impact. Oldman understands this genre, what it takes to be its villain, and succeeds in finding a place of his own.

And oh how I loves me some Denzel.

Will have to see it.

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2 Responses to “Book of Eli preview”

  1. Pat Patterson Says:

    And the cast also includes Titus Pullo(Ray Stevenson) and Mila Kundis. The latter seems to be getting better in every role she takes.

  2. O Bloody Hell Says:

    Yeah, Oldman is a fantastic actor, one of the best in this generation. He manages both “polite” and evil roles (Zorg in The Fifth Element) with panache. The only actor I’d place above him off the top of my head is Ed Norton, and Oldman is better at picking good movies, or at least salvaging the movies he’s in.