Biased BBC slices, dices and chops the Beeb

The Beeb has put up this piece of chicanery, Why do people often vote against their own interests? which pretends to explain why us plebes don’t see the light and embrace the Obama agenda.

Leave it to the folks at Biased BBC blog to slice, dice, and chop them to smithereens,
Those crazy Republicans explained: a BBC bias masterclass. For instance, the Beeb’s political scientist says,

It might be tempting to put the whole thing down to what the historian Richard Hofstadter back in the 1960s called “the paranoid style” of American politics, in which God, guns and race get mixed into a toxic stew of resentment at anything coming out of Washington.

Biased BBC counters,

Admire the ju-jitsu with which the author gives us a pleasing whiff of paranoia by warning about that scary toxic stew of right wing paranoia which has been bubbling poisonously in the background for decades.

Go read the rest, and check out the comments, too.

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7 Responses to “Biased BBC slices, dices and chops the Beeb”

  1. E.M.H. Says:

    OMG… the BBC actually used the term “against their own interests”. I can’t believe it. If there’s one statement that summarizes the arrogant, condescending attitude of the left, that right there is it. “Against their own interests”. Unsaid is the attitude “We know your interests better than you do”.

    My God… the hubris demonstrated is overwhelming.

  2. E.M.H. Says:

    Whoops. Forgot to close an italics tag. Sorry, folks.

  3. Gringo Says:

    Hofstader is getting a workout lately. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse mentioned him in his speech on health care. At least the BBC didn’t bring up lynching and Kristalnacht, as did Senator Whitehouse.

  4. snaggletoothie Says:

    There was a post on Hot Air a day or two ago that dealt with this question. What today’s lefties call paranoia has a long history in America going back to the founders. They were steeped in the ancient Roman and Greek historians and were always aware not just of what was happening but the inevitable long term consequences. The taxes and other abuses that lead to our revolution were insignificant compared to what many Europeans regularly endured. But the founding fathers saw it would be easier to end them before they took root and began to grow larger and larger and finally became inescapable. Many on the right look at things the same way. The whole problem is not just the health care legislation presenting sitting in Congress. That’s the thin end of the wedge. It is only a beginning. And the only responsible approach is to look at how government programs metastasize and strangle us and our economy and our freedoms.
    The left knows the initial legislation is not what we will end up living with. But they have learned that they cannot be honest about their intentions because they are at odds with what the large body of citizens want. So they make these insincere arguments like ‘it is only about these little improvements that will save the economy’ or ‘what we’re doing is for your own good and you could see that if did not fall prey to fear mongering and paranoia that the party of ‘no’ spreads at the behest of the insurance companies.’ Anyone who confronts the lefties with their real intentions gets the same raging anger that is unleashed by a sociopath who has been thwarted.

  5. snaggletoothie Says: the HA piece referred to aboe.

  6. O Bloody Hell Says:

    What lurks beneath — even Truman knew it:

    “Professional liberals are too arrogant to compromise. In my experience, they were also very unpleasant people on a personal level. Behind their slogans about saving the world and sharing the wealth with the common man lurked a nasty hunger for power. They’d double-cross their own mothers to get it or keep it.”
    – Harry S Truman, pp. 55, American Heritage 7/8 1992, from a 1970 interview —

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