Zelaya’s Christmas at the Brazilian embassy


Still cooped up in the tin-foil lined room at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, deposed president Mel Zelaya celebrated Christmas in Honduras as he sang some tunes into his cell phone. Noticias 24 has a slideshow.

Zelaya had plenty of visitors. La Gringa points out,

Several articles were written about US Ambassador Hugo Llorens’ visit to Zelaya over the weekend, but only the Honduran La Prensa and El Heraldo newspapers noted that he was accompanied by Zelaya’s three Guaymuras negotiators. Maybe the others didn’t realize the significance of that.

With all of Zelaya’s claims about what the Tegucigalpa Accord was “really” supposed to do (return him to office, as dutifully and erroneously reported by all of the news media outside of Honduras), no one seemed to notice that the three Zelaya negotiators never backed up his claims. They have been completely out of the public eye since the Accord was signed.

To me, that signifies that they were completely aware that there was no guarantee that Zelaya would be returned to office and that they only agreed to the congressional vote and the removal of any amnesty provision precisely because Zelaya demanded it.

For the time being, Zelaya’s stuck at the Brazilian embassy until a country offers him political assylum.

Which, by the way, the Brazilians are not about to do.

And no, he did not go to Copenhagen. Whoever organizer was who misled the public into thinking he was there, lied.

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8 Responses to “Zelaya’s Christmas at the Brazilian embassy”

  1. Lynn B Says:

    Sad to be him, so ineffectual and irrelevent. Even Chavez has shut up. What a natural born loser Zelaya is.

  2. Anthony Says:

    The woman in the background looks like she really doesn’t want proof out there that she was in a tinfoil-lined room.

    BTW, the PJM link goes to a page with no blog entry: all the other elements load, but not Roger’s post.

  3. Rick Z Says:

    Well, Clearly Mel should be sworn in as President … of Brazil ! … He comes complete with a dirty white hat, lined with aluminum-foil.

  4. Kevin Andrews Says:


    I’m an American Blogger who fell in love with Mezapa, Mezapita and San Pueblo Arizona, Honduras and the people living there. I’ve diligently worked to get some hard and fast answers from friends in Honduras but keep being baffled by the strongly opposing points of view coming my way.

    I do understand that Manuel Zelaya was seen by a vast percentage of the population as a supporter of “the little guy, the poor or challenged” of Honduras. I am honestly confused how this oligarch came to this place.
    I am not surprised at all that the ruling class decided to oust him because of the run on the Honduran Constitution that Zelaya attempted like his friend Chevez in Venezuela.

    Did and do the Honduran people really feel that Zelaya was their champion?

    If this Zelaya was championing the poor (something I didn’t see at all while there) then why the resistance to Lobo who is from the same political party?

    Both these men are rapists of the Honduran environment and appear to be of the elite and unconcerned with the health, welfare or economic well-being of the Honduran people so why the great out-cry for Zelaya?

    As an American I am embarrassed by Hugo Llorens being our representative. His actions, his advice and his purchased position have led to much misinformation, confusion and, I feel, outright lies about the reality of life in Honduras.

    The current human rights violations are of grave concern to me and, hopefully, the readers here at ActiveCitizen54 so any insights you are able to pass along are greatly appreciated.


  5. Brazililian guy Says:

    Zelaya didn´t deceive anybody outside Brazil and Chavez Censored Countries Gang. Lula has personal interests in it, besides being very concerned about the “presidents being judged for violating the law trend”.
    Cause his candidate is very bad in polls predictions, Lula expected to do the same in Brazil, I mean, try to go for a 3rd mandate, which is also forbiden by Constitution.
    He is also censoring media, preventing them to publish the real reason for Zelaya´s deposition. Lula and the members of his government clumsy insist in calling the Justice, Legislative, Militar forces, and all legitimate institutions that deposed Zelaya “Coup”.

    This was, as a matter of fact, very good for Brazil, cause Lula´s hidden personality is becoming evident for his electors. Everytime he talks about Zelaya´s situation and support, using Brazil´s government for his personal interests, Lula becomes, more and more, discredited.

    Zelaya, on the other hand, is the biggest “Clown”. Everytime he shouts and demands to be ” imediatly returned to the presidency “until tomorrow””. I counted about 5 times he “demanded” the same thing, nobody gives a damm, and he insists in being a fool… He claims that the “coup” violated the Constitution. He also insists for the International Justice Institutions to trial the “Coup”. The same Constitution that the Justice Institution of his Country comdemned him for its violation several times, and the same Justice he didn´t respect…
    He indeed is a clown, but the people from Honduras is not to believe in such lies!

  6. Sad Sunday « Activecitizen54's Blog Says:

    […] this as a “Coup” rather than a Congressional and Honduran Supreme Court approved action removing Zelaya (who was working to tear apart the Honduran Constitution) is because Micheletti threatened to […]

  7. Kevin Andrews Says:

    The Central American and South Americans are watching Chavez and Lula with great concern as I understand. Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, for the moment, appears to be behaving himself but with instigators and power-hungry more intent on self-service than being Statesmen or serving their people this pattern is destined to be repeated.
    What is your understanding of the foundation for the human rights violations in Honduras?
    I had the great pleasure to meet and speak with Walter Trochez in August of 2005 and am deeply saddened by his loss.
    Do you think that Pepe Lobo is able to pull the Honduran people into a position of solidarity and begin to address the human rights issues?


  8. Kathy Says:

    With political power comes corruption. We see it in Latin America, but we also see it in the U.S. and Europe, where we like to think we are free from corruption. We are just blind to it. The more money we give the government, or the more they borrow or print, the more power they give themselves and remove from the citizenry. It is criminal. The only way to free ourselves from the political elite is to limit their ability to tax and regulate. The Constitution used to do that, but that has been so abused by these power-mad psychopaths that we have lost our ability to control our own government. It’s time to vote them all out and vote for people who care about the Constitution as the rule of law and who are honored to be limited by it. End the rule of the political elite and the media by using our power to put them on the outside. Vote for someone different and get your news from somewhere else.