The closed Venezuelan banks Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

LatinAmerWelcome to the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean.

While Evo Morales won yesterday’s election and apparently gained control of the of the senate, the big story of the week is the crisis at the Venezuelan banks. Read the Venezuela News and Views post and the links in the Venezuela section below.

The Iranian Time Bombs

Argentina’s Dirty War Orphans

‘Iran building terror network in South America’

Bolivian elections: Evo Morales’s power grows with easy victory
Bolivian President Evo Morales has easily won a second term in power, according to early exit polls that showed the former coca farmer with a strengthened mandate to pursue socialist reforms.

Iran Demands Nurses In Bolivia Wear Hijabs and El uso de velo en un hospital iraní causa polémica en el país

One Reason why most Europeans are Morons

Drug lords finding safe haven in Bolivia

Elecciones en Bolivia: el vice de Evo asegura que “la Constitución respeta la propiedad”

Behold, the fake Obama, via Instapundit,

How can you tell the fake Obama from the real one? The fake one wears the American flag on his lapel.

La semana en plataforma urbana

Uribe’s Constitutional Challenge
The heroic Colombian president is putting his gains at risk by trying for a third term.

The Colombian Miracle
How Alvaro Uribe with smart U.S. support turned the tide against drug lords and Marxist guerrillas.

Colombia and the United States
Off base: Hoist on the petard of a dissuasive defence agreement

Not Michael Moore’s Cuba!

A Distinguished Diplomat’s View
The impossible dream, again

“Cuba provides best Medical training ON EARTH!” says Al Jazeera

A Castro son is elected world baseball VP

Ecuador Seeks To Block Chevron

Ecuador plays ‘dirty’

My Personal Witness of the Honduran Election

Letter to the nation from Roberto Micheletti

Honduran Democrats Overcome the Brutal Obama Imperialism

Democracy Won in Honduras, Now Obama Can Help It Advance

Honduras: The Tiny Nation Succeeds As A Functioning Democracy Despite Opposition Pressure From Communist Nations In The Region … and The Obama Administration

Honduras Tears Down a Berlin Wall

Honduras’s presidential election
Voting to move onwards and upwards: Porfirio Lobo, pictured below, has won the support of Hondurans. Now he must convince the outside world of his legitimacy

107 slave laborers freed in Mexico City

Chocolate fix?

The Panama Canal
A plan to unlock prosperity: Ten years ago this month Panama took possession of the canal that bears its name. It has high hopes for a $5.25 billion expansion of the waterway

Nielsen Adds Puerto Rico

Airport Check-in: Atlanta gets rental car center, Puerto Rico to privatize

•Puerto Rico has applied with the Federal Aviation Administration to privatize San Juan Luis Muñoz Marin International.
The FAA’s pilot airport-privatization program allows up to five airports – with one slot for a large hub airport – to sell a long-term lease to private operators.
A local government selling the airport lease would receive a one-time windfall but give up operational control and recurring revenue.
Puerto Rico would become the third airport in the program if the FAA accepts its application after a 30-day review. Chicago Midway has applied for and was granted the large hub airport slot in the program, but its privatization efforts collapsed this year after an investor group failed to raise $2.5 billion needed for a 99-year lease.
New Orleans is the other airport accepted in the program.
Alvaro Pilar, executive director of the Puerto Rico Ports Authority, which operates the airport, told the Associated Press that money collected from private investors may go to address the island’s fiscal crisis by paying down some of its $3.2 billion deficit.
A majority of airline tenants would have to sign off on any privatization deal. American Airlines is the dominant tenant at San Juan Muñoz.

The Venezuelan banking crisis made simple (plus Chacon departure)

Venezuela Takes Greater Control of Banks

Venezuelan Minister Quits on Banker Brother’s Arrest

Senior Venezuelan minister resigns in purge of bankers

As the Venezuelan Government intervenes more banks, its strategy remains unclear and uncertain

Report: Voluntad Popular is launched in Valencia

The three-legged stool


Behind ‘Poliwood’ Part 1: Defending Castro, Chavez and Penn

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The World Cup draw

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The LA Times calls for carrots for Cuba
Honduras congress will NOT reinstate Zelaya
No-fat murders

At Real Clear World:
Brazil and That Coveted Security Council Seat
Honduras: Pepe Lobo Wins

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