Sherlock Downey Jr for Christmas

Opening on Christmas Day, Robert Downey Jr stars as Sherlock Holmes. When I was in grade school and my friends were reading Nancy Drew, I was reading the Arthur Connan Doyle stories. In this version of Sherlock Holmes,

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous super-sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, gets an update with this adaptation of Lionel Wigram’s comic book series by writer/director Guy Ritchie.

Sherlock Holmes

As you may remember, I loved Iron Man, and now can’t wait to see Sherlock Holmes (click on the link to the website for the full-screen HD trailer)


One Response to “Sherlock Downey Jr for Christmas”

  1. Pat Patterson Says:

    Guy Ritchie? Mr Madonna? The same guy that was convinced that he was an artiste and tried to do an updated Swept Away and completely changed the ending of the film? Sorry, I think I will pass as this seems crude and oh so trendy.