Boy reunited with Dad in Brazil

I have been following but hadn’t posted on Sean Goldman, who had been taken to Brazil by his mother – he is now on his way back to the USA:
Boy Is Reunited With American Father in Brazil

Mr. Goldman spent much of the last five years fighting in American and Brazilian courts for the return of his son. The boy’s mother, who was then married to Mr. Goldman, took Sean to Brazil in 2004 for a two-week vacation but kept him there, divorced Mr. Goldman and remarried.

After the mother died last year, her new husband, a prominent Brazilian lawyer, and the boy’s Brazilian family insisted that Sean should stay with them in Brazil. The chief judge of Brazil’s Supreme Court, however, ruled this week that the family had to return Sean to Mr. Goldman, a charter fishing boat captain and real-estate agent from New Jersey.

On Wednesday, a federal court in Brazil gave the Brazilian family a deadline of Thursday to turn Sean over to Mr. Goldman, and lawyers for family members indicated that they would comply, said Representative Chris H. Smith, Republican of New Jersey.

The scene at the courthouse was a media zoo. Here’s the video,

They are now reunited

Mr Goldman’s US lawyer, Patricia Apy, was critical of how the handover was carried out.

“Unfortunately, the Brazilian family, rather than have the hand-off take place in a garage, which would have been secure, parked away and walked him through the press, which only serves to make the situation more stressful for the child,” she told the Associated Press news agency.

They are on their way to New Jersey.

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3 Responses to “Boy reunited with Dad in Brazil”

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  3. Aaron Says:

    This entire story is very sad…
    Especially for the father and son.
    But also for Brazil – the justice system has many honest judges and the procedures that are well defined.

    The world will learn even more about corrupt judges who support rich people and not justice…
    The grandmother and step father used their money and friends to put themselves the law.

    Even though the lies are still coming from them, the facts will come out and their lies will be seen through their own statements, that changed almost daily…
    Three very clear examples:

    1. The grandmother stated that she wanted to board the plane with her grandson only to turned away by the US consulate – truth is that the travel arrangements were agreed to by both legal teams. The US Consulate had nothing to do with the travel arrangements. Why this last minute lie????

    2. The grandmother and her lawyer stated many times that their interest was only in Sean and his happyness — truth — why did they parade him through the large crowd in front of the US consulate in Rio, rather than use the private entrance/garage offered and used by David???? Sean’s feelings were clearly not important at this time – they later stated that they did this in order to make a statment – but failed to add their statement was at Sean’s expense!!!!

    3. Months ago a Judge ordered the step father to provide Sean a visitation with his father – stating it was to start Friday 8PM and end Sat 8 PM. The step father protested that Friday was not good, so the Judge changed the start time to Sat 8AM.
    When David arrived with 2 federal policemen, 1 consulator offical, and 1 body guard no-one was at home!!!
    The Judge demanded to know why and was told by the stepfather that David arrived with a team of reporters, when the Judge questioned the 2 federal policemen they confirmed only the 5 people were present and no-one else… So what did the Judge do to the step father afterwards? NOTHING!!!!

    The Justice system and Judges in Brazil are much better than this!!!
    SomeOne shold be investigating the Juges involved in this!!!!

    Please – Can someone in Brazil step forward……..I know that it will take courage, but it is needed to recover Brazil’s reputation…..