A quick roundup of Cash For Cloture posts

Michelle Malkin has a
Cash for Cloture: Demcare bribe list, Pt. II
. Some of her highlights:

1. Sen. Ben Nelson’s “Cornhusker Kickback.”
2. New England’s Special Syrup.
3. Corruptocrat Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd’s Christmas wish: Hospital helper.
4. “Some insurers are more equal than others” tax exemption.
5. The Frontier Freebie.
6. More Democrat hospital bennies.
7. Bernie Sanders’ socialized medicine sop.
8. Fla.-Pa.-NY Protectionism.

If you review Michelle’s items, you’ll find that six of the items on her list directly involve Medicare and Medicaid, the existing government healthcare programs … that are broke.

Outside the Beltway correctly points out that

This is how our system works and has worked since time immemorial. Discussions of logrolling and pork barrel politics have been part of introductory American politics courses since, oh, the advent of introductory American politics courses. The terms were coined in 1835 (by Davy Crockett, no less) and 1863 (by Edward Everett Hale). Let’s just say Harry Reid didn’t invent them.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t shine a light on these abuses. By all means, we should. But let’s not pretend that they’re a recent invention.

Others posting on Cash for Cloture:
Mark Steyn at The Corner
Gateway Pundit: Cash for Cloture: Harry Reid’s Vote Buying Cost Taxpayers $1.2 Billion
Politico: Payoffs for states get Harry Reid to 60 votes
Common Sense and Wonder
The Fox Nation

Cash For Cloture: Obamacare Bill is So Bad It Has to Be Rammed Through In Middle of The Night
Obamacare Passage: Democratic “Suicide Pact”
Democrats Had Agreed To Work Through Christmas

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