Heroism, lunacy, and inappropriate behavior

During the terrorist slaughter at Fort Hood, police officer Sgt. Kimberly Denise Munley acted heroically and saved the lives of many:

She Ran to Gunfire, and Ended It

The police officer who brought down a gunman after he went on a shooting rampage at the Fort Hood Army base here was on the way to have her car repaired when she responded to a police radio report of gunfire at a center where soldiers are processed before being sent overseas, the authorities said Friday.

As she pulled up to the center, the officer, Sgt. Kimberly Denise Munley, spotted the gunman, later identified as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, brandishing a pistol and chasing a wounded soldier outside the building, said Chuck Medley, the director of emergency services at the base.

Sergeant Munley — a woman with a fierce love of hunting, surfing and other outdoor sports — bolted from her car, yanked her pistol out and shot at Major Hasan. He turned on her and began to fire. She ran toward him, continuing to fire, and both she and Major Hasan went down with several bullet wounds, Mr. Medley said.

It’s ironic that the man who refused to have his photo taken with women co-workers would be taken down by a highly-trained woman:

Sergeant Munley, 34, is an expert in firearms and a member of the SWAT team for the civilian police department on the base, officials said.

Mr. Medley said she had received specific training in a tactic called active shooter protocol, which was intended for this kind of situation.


Mark Steyn:
The Headline of the Day, from the BBC:
Shooting Raises Fears For Muslims In US Army

Really? Right now the body count stands at:
Non-Muslims 13
Muslims 0

I was reading from some of this kind of coverage on the Rush Limbaugh show today. Even if you are concernedthat it would be terribly unfair if all Muslims were to be tarred by Major Hasan’s brush, it is, to put it at its mildest, the grossest bad taste to default every single time within minutes to the position that what’s of most interest about an actual atrocity with real victims is that it may provoke an entirely hypothetical atrocity with entirely hypothetical victims. I refer you yet again to this note-perfect parody:

British Muslims Fear Repercussions Over Tomorrow’s Train Bombing

This kind of media coverage is really a form of mental illness far more advanced than whatever Major Hasan’s lawyers eventually enter in mitigation, and apparently pandemic, at least among the western media.


Inappropriate behavior:
Our clueless C in C:
Twelve soldiers were murdered in cold blood at Fort Hood. Thirty others were wounded. Our Commander in Chief calls a press conference and begins it with a long thanks to the Interior Department and Indians who just concluded a conference and then gives a good natured “shout out” to an attendee , all with a studied nonchalance, before he even mentions the outrage on our military base.

Doug Ross has the transcript, but here’s the video:

And by the way, the recipient of the “shout out” didn’t receive the Congressional Medal of Honor; he’s a recipient of the Medal of Freedom:

Obama, often described as “cerebral” by the mainstream media, should know the difference between the Medal of Honor and the Medal of Freedom, especially since he personally awarded the latter to Crow.

Where’s TOTUS where you need it?

Bush Visits Fort Hood! – Obama To Camp David, Not Fort Hood???

(Thanks to Maria for the hat tip.)

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4 Responses to “Heroism, lunacy, and inappropriate behavior”

  1. Montana Says:

    My heart and prayers go out to all the victims, their families and friends.

    From all the news reports it appears this Major is a career military man and that in his current position for less than a year and was not going well. He did not want to be deployed and in fact wanted out of the Army, so he paid back his military student loans and hired an attorney.

    The reason may have been that he was being harassed and called names like “camel jockey ”. I guess all that sensitivity training for those with bigotry tendencies are all for not. (Can training real change the way you were brought up?)

    Another reason is called PTSD by proxy, the stress of treating PTSD in other soldiers make you go a little crazy yourself. Its even more stressful because most of the higher ranks don’t even believe in such thing as PTSD. Their denial prompts them to tell suffering soldiers to “drink it off.” Some civilians in the defense dept feel the same way no doubt IMO, it’s why hardly anything is mentioned of PTSD until one of these violent episodes occurs. These people see PTSD as a cop-out or an excuse. First we need to have an understanding that PTSD actually is real before we can ever hope to help treat it (does anyone believe that being shot at or killing your fellow man is not going to affect you in some way either then or in the future?). I guess with the high soldier suicide rate before and after deployment kinda takes care of the complaints from coming in (so those who said he should have just killed himself, well that’s already happening ). What real ticked me off when I heard that the military was trying to say that some soldiers coming back from this war with PTSD or other psychological disorders had “Pre-Existing Conditions” and that the military would not pay to treat them, I think it has been corrected but what a bunch of asses they break you and don’t want to pay.

    The final issue is why does the military want to keep people in their ranks that no longer want to be there is it just sheer number? I mean is it ten percent, twenty percent. Is it that it is the only contract in the US that you can’t get out of unless to kill yourself or kill your fellow soldiers? It does not make any sense to me.

    I guess the Major could just be another wacko like Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nicholas, of course McVeigh was executed and apparently because Nicholas became a Christian he received a life sentenced. I real think if he gets that far the Major will get the former and not in a million years the latter.

    This is so messed up, hopefully they will make some changes that make sense.

  2. Pat Patterson Says:

    It’s always interesting when a British source makes judgement on the potential problems of the US military. I can’t help that this is more an awareness of how badly minorities are treated in the British military. When Colin Powell gave an address at Sandhurst about remaking the Army after Vietnam he talked about the drugs, the poor quality of the recruits and a tendency to resegregate itself along racial lines.

    At the end he was asked what he thought of the British Army’s attempts to integrate some of the immigrants and children of immigrants into the service. His response caused a lot of squirming when he stated, I’m paraphrasing, that in the US he could and did become a general but in Britain the best he could have hoped for was to be a senior non-com and if lucky in one of the more famous regiments.

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  4. Montana Says:

    I guess the US military will carry out detail questioning as to why he did it and will prove all of us wrong.

    After that happens, I know some will still believe there point still has some merit.

    Earlier this year Sgt. John Russell, 44 (Catholic), of Sherman, Texas, is in custody at Camp Liberty in Baghdad where he apparently opened fire at a combat stress clinic Monday, killing five U.S. soldiers.