Tango is part of world’s ‘cultural heritage’ says UN

Tango is part of world’s ‘cultural heritage’ says UN
The tango dance steps of Argentina and Uruguay are part of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage”, the United Nations has declared.

UNESCO, the United Nations cultural organisation, is holding a meeting of 400 experts in the Gulf state of Abu Dhabi to agree on a list of world arts and traditions that should be safeguarded for humanity.

Developed in working class city dancehalls in the cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, tango is a deep-rooted tradition of dance, poetry and singing that is seen worldwide as the symbol of Latin romantic passion.

Argentina and Uruguay jointly submitted the “symbolic universe” of tango for addition to UNESCO’s list of cultural treasures. It was the first of 76 submissions examined and approved by the Abu Dhabi meeting.

The BBC and AP are also carrying the story.

The Press Association version is a great deal more exaggerated, though: Unesco saves Tango for humanity, as if Unesco had any kind of power to save anything by edict.

It’s the tangueros who are saving tango for humanity – and for themselves.

The Tango Notebook has a great post on tango and passion you must read.

Don’t miss tonight’s tango YouTube – and it has to do with Princeton, too.

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One Response to “Tango is part of world’s ‘cultural heritage’ says UN”

  1. Pat Patterson Says:

    That’s a nice acknowlegement but do the fans of tango really want to be members of a club that unanimously welcomed Evo Morales?