Today’s UN speech, Czarism, and the roundup with VIDEO

Obama Worldview Unchanged Since His College Years?

Israel on the chopping block. It was a very naive, Wilsonian speech

‘Czarism’, and why it’s not a good thing. Is it time to appoint a zombie czar?

Why we should Get rid of the mandate

The difference between “a society which organizes itself around stern lessons administered by bureaucrats preaching to schoolchildren and a society of free men who hire bureaucrats to take out the garbage”: Equal to ourselves

Omphaloskepsis – Navel Gazing In Obama’s White House

CBO: Obamacare Cuts Your Medicare Benefits (video via Ed):

The night they raided Alinskys

Look up the word, and then Feel the Gleichschaltung!

Bummer: New York Again Leads Way On Property Taxes; NJ Worst Business Climate.

Mortgages, The “Walk-Away” Crisis

James ponders whether we’re Losing our religion.

Got a question? Ask Hillary.

Via Maria, U.N. climate meeting was propaganda: Czech president. Vaclac Klaus isn’t buying the hype.

Emerald Elvis says no to the Lisbon treaty:

Erik is blogging about the Clearstream trial. I predict that, no matter the outcome, Villepin’s pompadour will remain untouched.

The Death of a Top Indonesian Militant


And more shameless self-promotion
I was in Ed’s podcast this afternoon,and in Rick Moran‘s yesterday evening.

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