Coldest winter in the decade, next?

And, how will affect my going to tango?

U.S. Northeast May Have Coldest Winter in a Decade

The U.S. Northeast may have the coldest winter in a decade because of a weak El Nino, a warming current in the Pacific Ocean, according to Matt Rogers, a forecaster at Commodity Weather Group.

“Weak El Ninos are notorious for cold and snowy weather on the Eastern seaboard,” Rogers said in a Bloomberg Television interview from Washington. “About 70 percent to 75 percent of the time a weak El Nino will deliver the goods in terms of above-normal heating demand and cold weather. It’s pretty good odds.”

If you don’t like winter, it’s not looking good,

“It could be one of the coldest winters, or the coldest, winter of the decade,” Rogers said.

Sure, some worry about commodity futures. I want to know if I can make it to tango.

You have to have your priorities straight.



4 Responses to “Coldest winter in the decade, next?”

  1. Pat Patterson Says:

    Big waves, I want big waves. And best of all when the new Ice Age hits I’ll still be able to walk to the beach. And I still have my nice thick wetsuit from last year.

  2. Pete | The Tango Notebook Says:

    Tango walking in the snow would really build up your calves 😉

  3. Obloodyhell Says:

    > I want to know if I can make it to tango.

    From your later article about tall women, I am led to assume you must also be tall. So why are you worried?


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