And now for a public service announcement,

via Instapundit, a 6’1″ woman explains How To Date A Tall Chick, with the really important part below the fold:

5. And If You’re Worried About What Other People Think … You pick her up for a date. In stilettos, she’s waaay taller than you. Gulp. What will your buddies think when you roll into the party with a woman who towers above you? When other guys see a guy with a woman who’s taller than he is, they assume one of two things: A) He has a lot of money, or B) He has a huge penis. Bagging a six-footer is big-game hunting. If you land one, everyone will assume you’re a baller. Now, get out there, and find yourself a tall woman. I bet she’s waiting for you—with her heels on.

Keep that in mind, guys.


4 Responses to “And now for a public service announcement,”

  1. Obi's Sister Says:

    hahhahhahaaaaa LOL

    You tall girl, you!

  2. Stix Says:

    Interesting, since almost everyone is taller than me anyway

  3. Shane from PV Radio Says:


  4. Obloodyhell Says:

    I’ve always loved tall women. I’ve made a bunch of comments over there, but the one that matters is to women:

    a) While I have no evidence to prove it with, I believe any guy likes tall women does so because he likes legs. Tall girls almost inherently have longer legs than their compatriots, even if a lot of the extra height is in their torsos. And a “leg man” is generally agreed to be the best of the three “types” when it comes to underlying psychology.

    b) Any guy who wants to go out with a tall woman almost certainly has no problems with insecurity.

    So that’s two freebie down checks right there that you get just for being tall.

    P.S., I’ve ALWAYS liked tall women. HS GF was 5’11.