Mad Men Sunday: Vanity Fair goes mad UPDATED

It’s Sunday, so the Mad Men are back tonight at 10PM Eastern on AMC

Don and Betty’s Paradise Lost

Entering its third season on a fresh wave of Emmy nominations, AMC’s Mad Men is the most stylish—and perhaps best—show on television. Inside its meticulous reconstruction of the precipice that was New York advertising circa 1960, where the men and women of Sterling Cooper smoke, drink, love, and lie, the author learns about the struggle of Mad Men creator (and former Sopranos writer) Matthew Weiner, the casting of Jon Hamm and January Jones as Don and Betty Draper, and the obsession that fuels each episode. Photographs by Annie Leibovitz.

Vanity Fair video, and recap of episode 2 under the fold:

Ed Driscoll photoshops and prays, Lead Us Not Into Penn Station, that nadir of modern architecture (which now has a mellow NJ Transit section tacked on to its side).

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