Chavez shuts down 34 radio & TV stations: 15 Minutes on Latin America

Today’s podcast at 11AM Eastern: Chavez closes 34 TV and radio stations

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4 Responses to “Chavez shuts down 34 radio & TV stations: 15 Minutes on Latin America”

  1. Gringo Says:

    Fausta, it gets even worse. Venezuelan blogger in court.

  2. Carlos Echevarria Says:

    Fausta, don’t change the issue….remember Venezuela is supporting “democracy” in Honduras, OAS Legion of Doom Member, Jose Miguel Insulza is doing Chavez’s bidding!!!

    But of course when the mayor of Caracas went to visit him in DC, the Chilean Allende loving scumbag, said he didn’t want to get involved. (The same Insulza who is on record as saying he “respects and admires” Fidel Castro…)

  3. OBAMA’S CENSORSHIP & CONTROL…ulterior desire of all leftists « FactReal Says:

    […] MARXIST PLAYBOOK MARXISTS ARE INTOLERANT SO THEY CENSOR THE OPPOSITION ● Venezuelan Communist Dictator Hugo Chavez shuts down 34 radio & TV stations (August 2009) (Yes, Chavez is governing as a dictator) ● Chávez Initiates Own ‘Fairness […]

  4. Joe Cool Says:

    The complacency of the Venezuelan people have thrown them into the economic cesspool. Cuba has been a shit hole for fifty years and that is exactly the direction Venezuela is headed. It seems the Hugo really wants a civil war so he can finally crush all opposition. Like they say…”be careful what you ask for, you may just get it.” I can not see a happy ending for the Venezuelan people…they have been duped by a Communist Dictator just like the Cuban people were.