Zelaya ran away, he ran away…

After his much-ballyhooed excursion yesterday evening, Zelaya turned tail and ran away, like Sir Robin:

His little incursion lasted 30 minutes and it was a show for the media:

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya pushed through a crowd made up mostly of journalists and some supporters, lifted the chain that divides Nicaragua and Honduras, and stepped into his homeland Friday, nearly a month after he was deported in a coup.

He stepped back into Nicaragua 30 minutes later.

Now he’s managed to annoy Hillary and Arias.

The Beeb calls it a symbollic move.

As DP asked,

If he did indeed enter Honduras and then leave on his own, doesn’t this mean that his exile is voluntary? It seems that there is a difference between forcible exile and a refusal to repatriate. Jus sayin’.

And another question to ponder,
Is Insulza inflaming Honduras?

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24 Responses to “Zelaya ran away, he ran away…”

  1. Pat Patterson Says:

    What Spanish for, “Can you hear me now?”

  2. Eduardo Says:

    Minutes later Zelaya was hear singing along to:


  3. wickedmess Says:

    LMAO! The man is clearly a complete idiot. No wonder they kicked him out.

  4. Xatrucho Says:

    This video show that the alleged attack from armed forces to protesters was staged by telesurtv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkaUbzWz71I

  5. Nolanimrod Says:

    Now the news people are stating that the Supreme Court of Honduras ordered him arrested and expelled. After that they call it a coup.

    Had the senate convicted Clinton would that have been a “coup.” This has to be resonating in some very weird ways for Hillary.

  6. ignorantapathy Says:

    Given how quickly he backed down from the whole Gates incident, I don’t think Zelaya should put too much faith in Obama’s help in getting back home.

  7. boxer Says:

    Then there was the quest for the “Holy Grail”, and it was a dark time. You may only truly know of Spanish (or U.S.) history and view English history from the same point as I do. That is of a crown born of “Some moistened bint lobbing a scimitar” at some bloke. This is of course truly “farcical”, yet this is the system I live under???? (for real). I suppose then arises the question of whether we are living in an “anarcho-syndicalist” commune, or a dictatorship?

    I find it very easy to dismiss the former, and given your choice of example for this political message, to win hands down!! You do not live in an “anarcho-sydicalist” commune, you’re fooling yourself. You’re living in a dictatorship.

    Mate, you’ve got two halves of an empty coconut and you’re bangin’ ’em together!!

  8. boxer Says:

    This is not “operation condor” and Zelaya will return!!

  9. Pat Patterson Says:

    Considering that Operation Condor was implemented by South American nations I’m at a loss to understand exactly what boxer is on about? Plus so much for a dictatorship considering there was a peaceful transition of power in the US in January. And as to Zelaya he’ll end up in a very nice house on Lake Como next door to the Duvalliers and any number of ex-Stasi in retirement.

  10. boxer Says:

    Did the South American nations own the four planes that held nuclear devices that were to be dropped on any nation that turned communist. Or don’t they you know of that one. If those planes/bombs were owned by the South Americans, which nation made the bombs? Or could even afford the planes for that matter?

    Of cause it was the U.S. behind the whole thing. Keep dreaming….or move to Florida prices are down atm!!

  11. Pat Patterson Says:

    Now I really have no idea what you are talking about? The US had literally hundreds of nuclear capable planes and as I pointed out before they, the planes, had nothing to do with Operation Condor. Perhaps a link to this most recent claim might be in order?

    The USAF discovered in the late 40’s that they could use cargo planes to drop nuclear bombs after attaining the right altitude and then pushing the payload out the cargo ramp. It’s not that hard and several South American nations had cargo planes capable of doing as much. The rest, as usual, ranks in with fake Moon walks, the Grassy Knoll and Gen Santa Anna taking a bribe before the Battle of San Jacinto.

  12. Bill Says:

    Oh Pat! Be nice to Boxer, he’s clearly off his meds. If he believes that we nuked Havana and Managua (which as I recall we didn’t, unless there is something in our drinking water besides “Fluoride”), no doubt he thinks the Nazca lines are alien runways, Bigfoot hasn’t been sighted by reputable folk because he goes “inter-dimensional,” that there’s something in our drinking water.. ahem… “besides ‘Fluoride’,” the mystery 10th (or is that now the 9th) planet will rain asteroids on us in 2012 and whatever else is on Coast-to-coast-AM this week.

    “Had the senate convicted Clinton would that have been a “coup.” This has to be resonating in some very weird ways for Hillary.”

    Add to that the drooling of certain people wanting their own “coup” against W (that would have lead to Cheney being Prez which would have meant having another “coup” so they could have Pelosi in charge). You betcha… there’s some serious Tacoma Narrows-quality resonating going on here!

  13. Pat Patterson Says:

    Well, I had never heard about the four nuclear armed planes and was curious.

  14. Bill Says:

    I gotta admit, so was I… These conspiracy theories get better and better by the day.

  15. boxer Says:

    Pat and Bill- There’s no need to “be nice” to me. I’m a little “thicker-skinned” than that. So come on, tell me how you really feel!!

    I know what I see, and while you may not know of the “Special Broadcasting Service” (S.B.S.) in Australia and it’s “very heavily scrutinized commitment to accuracy”, I’m real glad you can’t wait for the info on the four planes and I shall contact S.B.S. or find it on the net. It might be worth your while to note that I surmised you have never been informed of this, but it is sad, SCARY and true.

    I would like to point out though that neither Cuba nor Nicaragua are in South America as we were discussing. Plus, the U.S. plan was only to stop industrialisation (the U.S. knew their enemy well….have either of you ever read any/much Marx?) so neither Cuba nor Nicaragua were of concern.
    However, I believe the U.S. landed on the moon. Grassy Knoll? Don’t care. Never have(America is not the world)!
    Do aliens exist and have they ever visited Earth? I really don’t care….maybe, I wasn’t there (I’m only 38 the earth 5-6 billion years old). The other one’s you lost me on. It gets extra, extra crazy….but we have been to the moon! Trust me, I pass any sanity check. I’ve traveled the world, I enjoy my life and I work hard.

    I’ll get back to both of you on the plane thing…. but it’s scary.

  16. Pat Patterson Says:

    How do I feel? Well, one of the first things is putting something in quotes and then not identifying the source is not something I am very happy about. Nor initially claiming this bombing was planned for nations becoming communist then nations becoming industrialized. Are you saying that Mexico, Argentina and Brazil were not industrialized? And thus not potential targets?

    BTW, Zelaya’s chances of returning are fast approaching nil. Maybe to renew his library card but not as president. When he begins to complain that the US is not using “coup” to describe what transpired or that Sec Clinton appears to have made it clear that unofficially the US doesn’t have any use for Zelaya it merely shows that he knows that his chances of wearing that sash ever again are nonexistent.


  17. foutsc Says:

    The sad thing is that our state department and our ratings-driven press enable behavior like this. We bestow legitimacy on any and all, because it’s like, all relative, man!

    The hippies are running the joint. They romanticize people like Chavez and Ortega but the closest they’ve ever been to Latin America is a vacation to Cancun.

  18. Vladimir Says:


    Take a look at the magazine Semana from Colombia. They are reporting that rockets launchers from Venezuela (bought form Sweden) were found with the Farc. The international press is completely ignoring this important news (another undeniable link between Farc and Venezuela).

  19. Fausta Says:

    Thanks Vladimir. I’ll post on it later today.

  20. spartan Says:


    I just read this (spanish):


    (Colombia’s FARC paying Zelaya’s march)

    LD, source EFE.

  21. Pat Patterson Says:

    Figures, 24 hours later and boxer still hasn’t found a link to the nuclear armed plane story. Maybe the 3×5 cards were thrown out by his mom?

  22. Pat Patterson Says:

    Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Look! Up in the sky. It’s a plane. No, its two planes. No its four planes. No, it’s Klaatu and Gort threatening the Earth from outer space.

    Come on boxer! Where’s the link?

  23. Pat Patterson Says:

    At least in the Creation stories God had created light and the days, weeks, months and years of the world by the fourth day. boxer seems to be operating on a more relaxed schedule concerning what I suspect is now an inability to find one source to his story that originally wasn’t written in crayon or on an Etch-A-Sketch.

  24. Pat Patterson Says:

    One whole week and no boxer with the story that everyone has heard about for years and have read about in rigorously written history books. Well, then again maybe not!