Tectonic Sarko


After marrying Carla, Sarko had to get into perineal shape.

WARNING: Not really suitable for work

Way, waaaaay more that you ever wanted to know about the Président de la République, who’s been paying almost $300/session with a personal trainer:

He does the £150 sessions a few times a week with personal trainer, Julie Imperiali, who he met through his wife Carla Bruni.

Mrs Imperiali, 26, has described in excruciating detail how the running and stretching exercises will help.

They apparently strengthen the perineal muscles in Mr Sarkozy’s lower pelvis. ‘Sexual relations are better if the male perineum is in good shape,’ said Mrs Imperiali.

‘The problems of premature ejaculation are often due to the perineum.’

She added: ‘The Anglo-Saxons are a bit prudish about this and say they don’t know what we are talking about.’

To be honest with you, I really have no idea what she’s talking about. Not being prudish. I just don’t know.

And probably don’t want to find out.

UPDATE, July 3
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