Ambushed by Obi’s Sister: 7 things I love

Obi’s Sister ambushed me on Wednesday, and it’s time to take a break from dismal politics, so here we are:

7 Things I Love:
As if you hadn’t guessed yet: 1. Tango. I took up tango last year and have become addicted to the point of obsession. Love the music, love the dance, love the skill necessary to do it well, love the tango dancers.

Here are Santiago Steele and Rachel Greenberg in NYC last year:

I must schedule a couple of lessons with Santiago in the future.

Of course, you can’t tango without 2. Tango shoes – even posted a photo of my favorite tango shoes a while ago.

How does one follow an afternoon of tango? By stopping at Thomas Sweet’s on Nassau Street and enjoying a 3. Thomas Sweet’s sugar free chocolate frozen yogurt topped with salted pecans. Yum. 4. Outdoors on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in July.

Summer foods are also big: 5. Fresh raspberries, alone or with heavy cream (poured on, not whipped), and corn and tomatoes fresh off the stalk and the vine.

I also love 6. going to conferences and meeting people. Just got back on Sunday from BlogHer09 in Chicago where I met with Jane, who also was in BlogHer08 in San Francisco, along with several other friends.

Of course, as soon as I got back to Princeton I went to the Sunday evening milonga.

7. While most people don’t like trains (particularly American trains), I like riding trains. Some people go on retreat, I go on Amtrak.

GM Roper
No Sheeples here
Lady Godiva
Was going to tag Jane and the Anchoress but Obi’s Sister beat me to it.

No Sheeples have spoken!


3 Responses to “Ambushed by Obi’s Sister: 7 things I love”

  1. Obi's Sister Says:


    Thanks for playing along. From the sound of Jane’s blog, y’all had a great time!

  2. Fausta Says:

    Blackberries are good, too.

  3. Maggie Thornton Says:

    Love those shoes, and learning to, or dancing the tango! Delicious. What fun.