Somewhere in an alternate universe,

a large theater audience are having a huge laugh at us:


This is the senator that gives the Dems a filibuster-proof margin:

The Minnesota Supreme Court has handed down its much-expected ruling in the heavily-litigated Minnesota Senate race from 2008 — and it’s a unanimous one — deciding against Republican former Sen. Norm Coleman’s appeal of his defeat in the election trial and affirming the lower court’s verdict that Democratic comedian Al Franken is the legitimate winner of the race.

Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

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5 Responses to “Somewhere in an alternate universe,”

  1. joated Says:

    well, we knew the House was a joke. Now so is the Senate apparently.

    BTW I would argue the word “legitimate” in the press release”…Democratic comedian Al Franken is the legitimate winner.” hard to be “legitimate” when more votes were cast is some precincts than there were voters yet the totals were accepted.

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  4. Magic Dog Says:

    Who knows, maybe Michelle Bachman will run against him in 2014. That should be fun.

  5. expat Says:

    I hope he gets a seat on the Foreign Relations Committee so he can help our president improve our image in the world. Thanks, Minnesota (or at least the brain dead who voted for Franken).