Miracle-grow and universal hair coverage in the roundup

While we’re “enjoying” Seattle weather here in the East, Gerard – who lives in Seattle – was wondering where did Michelle Obama get those full-sized lettuces. Must be miracle-grow.

The Anchoress says that our freezing summer makes her gripe. Oh yes.

Scrappleface: Obama: 46 Million in America Live Without Haircare

“Just look at Hollywood if you want a case in point,” he said. “We’ve got millionaires who apparently don’t know where to buy a comb and couldn’t spell ‘barber’ if you spotted them the letters B and R.”

As always, Scrappleface is only slightly ahead of the news cycle.


In more serious matters, as if we didn’t have enough to worry about,
Congress and the IMF’s Power Grab
There are better ways to promote international economic stability

The letter then urged Republicans and Democrats to support the president’s request for IMF funding. “We believe that the current instability poses a significant risk to the long-term prosperity and security of the United States.” It was signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, National Security Adviser James Jones, and, most notably, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

Whoa! Clearly the implication was that a vote against the IMF funds would be a vote against national security. But does such a claim make sense? To answer that we must first seriously consider: 1) the impact of international financial instability on global security, and 2) whether the IMF is a force for good in establishing a stable financial foundation for economic prosperity.

Go read the rest of that before bedtime and you’ll probably stay awake all night.

Maggie sends A Flaw in George Soros’ Case for Increased Government Regulation of the Financial System

Testing Time for Obama’s Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Testing times, for nearly everything else, too. Jim has A Word or Two About “Miranda Rights”. Jim, who is a lawyer in real life, notices that to grant “Miranda Rights”

presupposes that they have Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights, which enemy combatants do not have – at least not yet.

Give it time, Jim. Now that we’re sending Uighurs to Bermuda on an all-expenses-paid basis with taxpayer’s money, granting 5th & 6th Amendment rights will be a mere formality.


The Democrats don’t like the bitter pill of reality, as provided by the Congressional Budget Office, so they are considering
shelving cost estimates from the agency and using projections from another source, such as the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which is part of the Obama administration.

Of course, if there were any real journalists out there, this would be a huge story in the media, but, as I was saying the other day, after the infomercial, the administration and the media will share a smoke, look into each others’ eyes, and ask, “Was it good for you, too?”

Speaking about healthcare, read this Open letter to Obama on health care, especially what a plan that would reform health care will need to have.


Phyllis Chesler: No “Illegal” Settlements=No Jews in the Middle East. While at Phyllis’s, don’t miss also End The Illegal Occupation of Jerusalem.

While you’re at it, Get Ready For “Peace Talks” –>UN Resolution 242 For Dummies

GM Roper post a letter, The Two-State To Nowhere: Another Futile Attempt At Appeasement

At Startfor: Security at Places of Worship: More Than a Matter of Faith

Compare, if you may, the lack of spine U.S. Struggling for Right Response to Iran
Obama Seeks Way to Acknowledge Protesters Without Alienating Ayatollah
with Reagan’s support of Solidarity back in the olden days when we were young and pretty.


Haven’t posted any Bryn Terfel YouTubes for a while, so here he is singing Credo, from Otello.


Last but not least, Steve writes about the most annoying Facebook application, Speed date. Even when I didn’t subscribe to it, I keep getting asinine notices from that, which I find irritating to no end. As Steve and other friends who have met my husband know, I’m married. You can even find my husband’s photo in Facebook. Steve writes,
I keep getting these annoying matches in my email box. I thought I had deleted this “app,” but it still popped up today. I killed it again. We’ll see if it took. I killed a bunch of my apps. I was tired of waking up in the morning and finding 15 emails saying people I don’t really know had TAKEN THE “WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE DECONGESTANT” QUIZ or whatever.

If any of you know of a way to permanently kill the Speed Date from one’s Facebook’s apps, please write it in the comments section.

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