Lula changes his mind

Two months ago Lula was saying that he was not going to run for a third term. His words:

Under the Brazilian constitution, a president can only hold office for two consecutive terms, and Lula said he had not considered running in 2010.

“I haven’t discussed this possibility. Primarily because there is no third term. Secondly because Dilma is fine.”

What Lula didn’t say then is that, since he can not run for three consecutive terms, he’s looking to run in 2014 if an opposition candidate wins next year’s election:

“I’ll be pulling for Dilma to do her best and run for re-election,” he said in the interview in with Zero Hora, a newspaper in the southern city of Porto Alegre.

“If an adversary wins the election, then it can be predicted that I’ll come back in 2014.”


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  1. Martha Colmenares Says:

    Siempre te leo, Fausta.