Lugo appeals court order for DNA test


Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo, who you may remember has acknowledged paternity of at least one child, is still disputing allegations by Benigna Leguizamón that he is the father of her six year old son.

Benigna Leguizamón, who is now 27, took Lugo to court and the court ordered that Lugo submit to a DNA test. Now Lugo is appealing the court’s decision. His pretext is that he doesn’t want to travel to the town where the court insists the tests be made.

Lugo is a despicable, immoral man (and I use the word “man” for lack of another). Leguizamón, a poor woman who has resorted to the law in order to make her claim, started working for Lugo as his cleaning lady when she was in her teens (my sources say she was fifteen). She has previously declared that he wouldn’t even help her buy Christening clothes for the baby that he himself baptized.

In the meantime, he wears custom-made suits made to look like clerical garb.


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One Response to “Lugo appeals court order for DNA test”

  1. Gringo Says:

    For President Lugo, the term “Padre” definitely has some multiple meanings. Catholic Padre and Padre of children. Hope the court doesn’t let him back down.