Uncovered faces, resting laurels, and t-shirts

Please uncover your face. It’s our custom
Why are women’s faces concealed in East London but not in Damascus?
Why? Because it is a political statement:

Knowingly to disturb people’s feelings is to be offensive. In Western European society, to go out in public with your face masked is (unless done for comic effect) disturbing. Hiding the face is felt to be threatening, and slightly scary, and subliminally this goes way back, and quite deep I think: it certainly frightens children.

One value: we are our faces.

After Losing 16,000 Jobs Each Day– Obama Tells Dems “Not to Rest On Our Laurels”. Considering Obama was in Hollywood when he made that statement, perhaps he was thinking of Stan Laurel? Because otherwise, his thinking leads to: If it moves, tax it, after the economy is totally destroyed. Or, Why Beijing Wants a Strong Dollar

Speaking of China, Pelosi’s visiting and has the courage of speaking out about the environment, human rights be damned. As TigerHawk points out,

It does not torture the language to observe that only a totalitarian believes that every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory.

I’m sure she’ll invoke the children for that purpose.

James Pethokoukis, now working for Reuters, asks Did the GOP capitulate on healthcare? A very good question.

Victor Davis Hanson’s European tour continues,

Are Europeans more healthy and environmentally sound than Americans? Unscientific study of Italians and Greeks suggests the following: European are not any lighter in weight than Americans. They smoke far more. Public buildings are more likely to be defaced, graffiti here being political expression, not a matter of gang signature.

Trash? The littered roadways of both countries are still about at the state of America circa 1960. The air of Rome and Athens seems dirtier than that in LA. Frequently used beaches in general in both countries are dirtier than LA’s dirtiest, and nothing like the pristine Northern California shores.

My experience has been that never in the US have I visited a city where black soot came down the buildings on to your clothes as a grimy paste during heavy rains, while that has happened to me in Milan and Antwerp.

Dr Sowell weighs in on ‘Empathy’ in Action
A poisonous doctrine for any judge, much less a justice of the Supreme Court.

Nothing demonstrates the fatal dangers from judicial “empathy” more than Judge Sotomayor’s decision in a 2008 case involving firemen who took an exam for promotion. After the racial mix of those who passed that test turned out to be predominantly white, with only a few blacks and Hispanics, the results were thrown out.

When this action by the local civil-service authorities was taken to court and eventually reached the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Sotomayor did not give the case even the courtesy of a spelling out of the issues. She backed those who threw out the test results. Apparently she didn’t have “empathy” with those predominantly white males who had been cheated out of promotions they had earned.

Fellow Second Circuit Court judge Jose Cabranes commented on the short shrift given to the serious issues in this case. It so happens that he too is Hispanic, but apparently he does not decide legal issues on the basis of “empathy” or lack thereof.

I’d like to know where are the advocates for the disabled. If Frank Ricci had availed himself of the American With Disabilities Act due to his dyslexia, he would have the job. We’re all victims now, unless you want to become invisible.

If you haven’t read it yet, Dan has a guest post from Mark Levin, who takes down David Frum.

Moe has the t-shirts, while Jules Crittenden has opened his Crittenden’s Boutique Right-Wing Warmonger Bookshop & General Store with a wonderful selection of books.

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3 Responses to “Uncovered faces, resting laurels, and t-shirts”

  1. Jules Crittenden » A Boutique Warmongery Says:

    […] for the nod, Fausta, whose roundup kicks off with the Times of London piece specualting on why there are more women […]

  2. Will E. Coyote Says:


    You’re usually on point but I have to disagree with your endorsement of Mark Levin’s “take down” of David Frum. That piece by Levin is nothing but a personal attack. It doesn’t deal with Frum’s views at all–views that are a legitimate part of the debate about the future of American conservatism.

    Dan at “Riehl World View,” like too many others, betrays an intolerance toward those that don’t share his particular vision of conservatism. There’s a conspiratorial undertone to his attacks on those he deems as not “true conservatives,” including the ever evil “neo-cons.” Just read his post about Max Boot, complete with warnings to those conservatives who disagree with him to “watch your backs. Because we are watching you.” http://www.riehlworldview.com/carnivorous_conservative/2009/05/final-thoughts-levin-frum-dreher-sullivan-boot-etc.html#comments.

    It would be a shame if you associated yourself with such embittered narrow-mindedness.

    That being said your blog is one of the best on the web. Please keep up the awesome work, especially your posts on Latin America!

  3. Fausta Says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Will!