“RNC’s below-the-belt shot at Nancy Pelosi”

Politico calls this the “RNC’s below-the-belt shot at Nancy Pelosi

Well, booh-frickin’-whoo. Where was Politico when the Dems were calling Condoleezza Rice the “house negro“?

Weekend giggle: Pussy hysteria.


13 Responses to ““RNC’s below-the-belt shot at Nancy Pelosi””

  1. Cao Says:

    Her calling the CIA a bunch of liars isn’t “below the belt”? This is really funny!

  2. The Moderate Voice Says:

    RNC Train Wreck Continues: Ad Casts Pelosi As “Pussy Galore”…

    The time has come to ask whether the Republican party’s bigwigs are determined to turn their once Grand Old issue-oriented, serious political Party into a cult or talk radio extension. The RNC’s latest ad is sure to get it lots of attentio…

  3. expat Says:

    I’ve heard about raising the bar, but Politico is raising the belt. Since when can’t you criticize what someone says, especially when they say so many things. Does this mean we can only judge someone by whether they mean well?

  4. Pat Patterson Says:

    Normally I don’t really care when the indefensible is justified by the they-did-it-first explanation but I would like to point out the comparative over the top savagery in the Left’s attacks of on Gov Palin to the really lame implication that Speaker Pelosi is Pussy Galore. What the heck, in the movie she has a change of heart and helps the good guys. How is that a negative.

  5. William Teach Says:

    Nice to see that the Politico has finally dropped all pretense of being a news site, and shown that they are pretty much opinion.

  6. Dennis White Says:

    I’m disappointed. Couldn’t the RNC at least have made it clever? Are they so devoid of ideas that no one could have melded the Speakers words with kooky James Bond type spy images of the CIA?

  7. rationalist Says:

    What’s next? Pull out all the stops, and call her a c*nt? Way to go, RNC–ostensibly the party of sober policy and family values. (More like the party of towel-snapping, ’50s-era retards, judging from this new video.) Yeah, this’ll really appeal to the women’s swing vote.

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  10. Americaneocon Says:

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