More Alvaro in Venezuela

Álvaro Vargas Llosa continues his visit to Venezuela with a TV interview (in Spanish) where he explains why countries that respect property rights and free enterprise are the countries who prosper:

La Entrevista (ÁlvaroVargas)
by noticias24

The main message of his interview is that the participants at the Cedice conference on freedom and democracy:

“We have come to share the idea that political freedom is fundamental for Latin American civilization. The ideas that economic freedom and respect to private property are basic ingredients for prosperity.”

Chavez is the middle of a three-day-long cadena, which is his TV broadcast that has to be carried through all the licensed TV and radio stations in the country. He’s been singing songs and reading Mario Benedetti’s poems. Not that he’s satisfied with that – he wants Globovisión shut down permanently: Chavez demands Venezuela TV station be punished:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened on Thursday to personally take action against an anti-government TV station if the nation’s authorities do not punish the channel, which expects to be closed.

He’s done it before (as readers of this blog know)

Two years ago Chavez refused to renew the license of Venezuela’s largest private television station, which was implicated in a brief coup against him. That provoked international criticism and anger in Venezuela but did not dent his popularity.

That station, RCTV, is now available only on cable systems and has ceased to be a political force.

In his speech at Cedice yesterday, Álvaro asked “why is [Chavez] so afraid of Globovisión, since he controls all the media?” During his press conference at Cedice he discussed the benefits of microloan programs.

Álvaro Vargas Llosa is a fellow at the Independent Institute. The Independent’s blog has been posting on Álvaro’s trip.

In the meantime, Reuters says that Álvaro’s dad, Mario is stirring things up: Novelist Vargas Llosa stirs up left and right in Latin America. Good for him.


Please note there won’t be a podcast this morning, since today is a very busy day. However, you can catch me on CNN’s Blogger Bunch at noon (yes, again). The panel will be talking about Padre Alberto.

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