Michelle Obama on Maxim’s 2009 Hot 100


93, to be exact, ahead of Deanna Russo.


I’ll leave the discussion on the aesthetics to the guys, but considering that the names on the list that I can recognize are of entertainers, is this really the place for the First Lady?

Cassandra has thoughtful commentary on Maxim’s choice.


6 Responses to “Michelle Obama on Maxim’s 2009 Hot 100”

  1. Roger X Says:

    Welcome to Camelot 2.0

    The personality cult that has sprung up around the Obamas creates a serious Reality Distortion Field.

    They sure do seem like intelligent, decent people. I’m happy about that. But let’s properly scrutinize the politics, yeah?

  2. Pat Patterson Says:

    Top 100 in the world and they left off Aishiwarya Rai?


  3. Dan Collins Says:

    Well, of course she’s hot. She’s screwing Obama. Maybe.

    Liberals are retarded.

  4. 11B40 Says:


    I was kind of pulling for Janet Napolitano to make it.

  5. Shane from PV Radio Says:

    The Magneto helmet I wear protects me from the mind waves that have been flooding the population since Obama became “The One”, and his wife, “The Hot One.” Being intellectually sober, naturally I’ve never found her attractive, and that has nothing to do with her ideological bitterness. She just isn’t good looking – cold, small eyes darting from teased brows that never seem to budge from that “I’m smarter than you” expression. That underbite gives her a jaw line any juiced up luchador would rip his mask off for. And this business about her arms – it’s nonsense, it’s a woman’s hands that are most telling, and I’ve seen her nubs wrapped around a wine glass and they aren’t enticing at all. I’ve seen prettier hands on a star nose mole.

    Why is it that the left feels the need to build her up like some Potemkin village primed for a visit from some apparatchik? They spent years telling us that looks didn’t matter, and that women ought to be treated as more than sexual objects. Then when a beautiful conservative like Sarah Palin comes along they savage her looks mercilessly and dismiss her accomplishments. Now they’re prostituting Michelle Obama as a modern Aphrodite when a curdling, out-of-date jar of mayonnaise is more attractive. Maybe she was chosen by Maxim for what she’s accomplished, but then Hillary Clinton ought to be squatting on the #92 spot (then watch instantaneous impotence spreads throughout the Maxim subscription membership). Some women make their way. Others wear sleeveless dresses and $500 sneakers and insist that sauntering along the path from the White House to the Meatpacking District is worthy of our admiration. Payaso!

    Aesthetically, Michelle Obama couldn’t part a nerd from his Cheetos. In fact, even a pair of tri-focal beer goggles couldn’t hide her mug long enough for a sex starved porn addict to abuse her – and isn’t that the very least we should expect from anyone on Maxim’s Hot 100 list? Hot? Hardly.

  6. Jim Says:

    Any list of the top 100 ‘Hottest’ women that doesn’t include Anne Hathaway but does include Lindsay Lohan is fundamentally flawed.

    As for Michelle O’s attractiveness, all female Klingon jokes aside, it’s not her looks, but her personality that makes her unattractive. Physical appearance is only one part of what makes a woman sexy: charm, grace, class, presence, intelligence, and humility make up the difference.

    And I don’t find she has style… much less than Carla Sarkozy, who at least made a career for herself and didn’t pray on guilt to build a career…