Chávez chickens out


Hugo Chávez, rambling as usual in his Aló Presidente TV show (whose 10th anniversary he is celebrating with a 4-day long cadena, as if Venezuelans hadn’t suffered enough), said on Friday that he was willing to debate the speakers at the Cedice conference (prior posts here and here).

Cedice participants Mario Vargas Llosa, Enrique Krauze, and Jorge Castañeda agreed to debate Chávez himself, on the condition that there be equal time for their points so that they wouldn’t be sitting there listening to Chávez rant.

Fair enough.

I have met Mario Vargas Llosa and Enrique Krauze, and they are top intellects. Brilliant men, each of them.

Now, Chávez, self-deluded as he may be, does have a flash or two of lucidity, and decided this debate was not a good idea after all.

He cancelled today’s show without further explanation.

I have an article coming up soon at Real Clear World with more background on Chávez’s current oppression.

Oh, look
Via Drudge, Hugo Chavez to present Obama with book by Vladimir Lenin. Without a hint of irony, the book’s title is, ‘What Is To Be Done?’

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3 Responses to “Chávez chickens out”

  1. Gringo Says:

    Thugo’s idea of a fair debate is his ranting for three hours with no reply.

    As he realized the above would not consent to a fair debate on those terms, he withdrew.

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