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1.8 hours of flying two F-16 jets over Manhattan: $28,178

Three hours of flying Air Force 1: $300,658

Scaring the crap out of thousands of New Yorkers on a Monday morning: priceless.

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s government.

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Voice and video by Steve

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21 Responses to “Priceless”

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  2. steveegg Says:

    If only I had any voiceover skills, that would be a great video.

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    […] do go look at Fausta’s brilliant parody. […]

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  7. Dave Says:

    And then go to the shot of the credit card, and the name “Barack Hussein Obama” being typed in.

  8. mcnorman Says:


  9. Jeremayakovka Says:

    Talk about a stunt that “bombed.” Never did I imagine a president would surpass Reagan’s “We begin bombing in 5 minutes.” It’s up there with his “Special Olympics” bomb.

  10. What’s the Cost of Scaring New Yorkers? It’s Priceless. | All American Blogger Says:

    […] chatting with Fausta Wertz today.  During our talk, I pulled her blog up on my browser and saw this post.  It’s brilliant.  Especially this line: There are some things money can’t buy. […]

  11. beethovenqueen Says:

    Barack Boyles is gonna have to do a dang lot of singing to make up for this disgusting folly!

    Some presidents will do anything…

  12. arizonagirl Says:

    I hope it was Obama’s supporters that ended up changing their pants in New York! Imagine if George Bush would have done something like that?

  13. steveegg Says:


  14. Fausta Says:

    Thank YOU Steve. I really appreciate it!

  15. “For everything else, there’s government” : The Sundries Shack Says:

    […] Duane Lester comes this priceless post from Fausta. I’m pretty sure you will […]

  16. Spiny Norman Says:

    That video is outstanding.


  17. happy1ga Says:

    Srsly, rework it a little, (your voice is fine, you just speak very fast,), maybe get someone who sounds like a tv voice over dude, and then do as someone suggested, and make a government credit card w/ Obama/s name on it. Then, send it to Fox, Beck, Rush,Ingraham, etc, quickly. You guys do know they were going to pull this same stunt over DC next month, don’t you? Per Michelle Malkin. CRAAAAZZY. Great vid, tho!

  18. steveegg Says:

    Norman – thanks.

    Happy1ga – I’m not a pro. I tried to get a couple people back in Wisconsin with better pipes than me to do it, but that fell through. I do have someone working on the ObamaCard (I think).

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