Paris, tea parties, and tires: Friends’ posts roundup

I have frequently referred to “friends I haven’t met yet” but after blogging for a few years you get to meet face-to-face a lot of bloggers.

Here’s a roundup of friends’ posts,
Jim has A Tale of Five Tires

James posts about blue jeans. In the course of the post I found out he owns a tux. Very impressive.
I’m of two minds about blue jeans. I only wear blue jeans if I know I’m not going out. I believe the only time recently that I wore blue jeans to go out was to tango lesson a couple of weeks ago, and I’d rather tango wearing skirts anyway.

Jane makes a point about parenting. Leave the kids at home when shopping, please.

Scott parodies life itself: Obama Requires Tea Parties to Use Govt.-Funded Leaf

Speaking of Tea Parties, Pamela was there.

Rick has the FAQ on the tea parties.

Val’s posting about Obama, Cuba and the OAS

Cindy has Another “I Told You So” Moment

Moe posts on Spainmas Interruptus, i.e.,

Spanish prosecutors will recommend against opening an investigation into whether six Bush administration officials sanctioned torture against terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay.

Moe talked about that on Tuesday’s podcast.

TigerHawk’s in Paris.

Two more,
Neo-neocon looks at signs of the times.

Mary has a great suggestion from a merchant marine captain.

Obi’s sister took photos in Atlanta.

Dan plans ahead.

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3 Responses to “Paris, tea parties, and tires: Friends’ posts roundup”

  1. expat Says:

    The jeans pictured with the Will article are an abomination. I see nothing wrong with jeans and a nice top for informal wear if they are flattering. I’d rather see jeans and a polo on a mom at the supermarket with her kids than an many of the designer items in the NYT. What would Will wear to a Little League game where he might have to sit on damp bleachers?

  2. Fausta Says:

    A bow tie!

  3. newton Says:


    This captain has good points. However, most people don’t know that many, and I mean many merchant mariners under the age of 30 also have commissions with the U.S. Naval Reserve. As soon as this nation is in a state of war, they are on active duty.

    Maybe it will take an act of Congress to do this, but if a formal state of war is declared against the anarchists of Somalia – who are, BTW, helped in part by Al-Qaeda -, merchant ships should be just as protected as Liberty ships during the Second World Wars. As soon as pirates realize that Mariners are also Navy, they will have to think twice.

    (My husband – back when I didn’t know him yet – was on active duty on a merchant ship as a midshipman in the Eastern Mediterranean during the first Gulf War. He got his commendation for his service then. He then was on active duty for the Naval Reserve two weeks a year for many years after his graduation. That is a requirement for graduating midshipmen from the Maritime academies who accept a commission after graduation.)