Ed takes on the PUMA

Ah, the PUMA, that wonder of hubris over practicality:


Ed Driscoll has the video, where the VP for research and development at GM boasts,

“What we’re doing is reinventing the automobile.”

Dude, you may be VP for R&D, but what you’re actually doing is building a wheelchair for two small people.

GM is doomed, doomed, I tell ya.

In other automotive news, Doug Ross has the top-5 ways to intimidate other drivers.

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3 Responses to “Ed takes on the PUMA”

  1. maryatexitzero Says:

    I never understood why Segway was invented. The only people who could make any practical use of it would be paraplegics who want to stand up instead of sit in a motorized wheelchair.

    If people are able to walk around, and if they need wheels to cover more distance, they can rollerblade.

    I guess this PUMA would also help the handicapped, which is good, but this is not something that would interest the general public. What are they thinking?

  2. maryatexitzero Says:

    Vespas are a better alternative too..

  3. Ed Driscoll » This Just In Says:

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