Iowahawk and the Shark Pit of Doom

Dan Collins tells me that today is National Iowahawk Day. In the spirit of the day, here’s one of the spectacular events relating to the legendary life of Iowahawk (stress on legendary).

It was milonga night and I had been dancing through the evening, sometimes well, sometimes not. Tango is a dance, a set of steps, a state of mind and a connection, and some of the guys were better at the steps than they were at leading their dance partner, particularly a beginner like myself.

I sat down to take a drink of water, and noticed I needed to rebuckle my new tango shoes.

As I finished buckling the shoe, suddenly he materialized in front of me. His tango shoes shone in the light, and his tuxedo must have been custom-made by Ermenegildo Zegna himself. “May I have this dance?” he asked in a deep and rather mysterious voice. He sounded like Chicago guy with an Australian accent.

I extended my hand and we started dancing to Poema. He was a wonderful dancer. He had the steps, the musicality, the right state of mind, and the connection. No one danced better, and because of his lead, I had never danced better. How does a Chicago guy get an Australian accent, I wondered as we glided across the floor.

The song was nearly over and I was about to ask him when the dance floor started to open and exposed a vast deep pool filled with man-eating sharks. The crowd panicked as a couple fell into the waters and the sharks feasted on them.

Without missing a step or loosening his embrace, he led me to the entrance and with a swift move managed to both hit the switch that closed the shark pit and concluded the final dance step.

He then said, “It’s late. I must go tend to my blog.” Breathless, I asked, “You’re a blogger, too? What’s your blog?”

Iowahawk,” and he disappeared as mysteriously as he had arrived.


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One Response to “Iowahawk and the Shark Pit of Doom”

  1. Smitty Says:

    Wonderful tidbit, Fausta. Hope you don’t mind too much if I used it as an excuse to post a clip of an intense piano duet playing a tango.