Martha’s shoes

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Fresh Look at Martha Washington: Less First Frump, More Foxy Lady

Contrary to popular opinion, even among some historians who should know better, Martha was not fat when she married George. Yes, she liked to read the Bible, but she devoured gothic romance novels, too. She capably ran the five plantations left to her when her first husband died, bargaining with London merchants for the best tobacco prices. And unknown to most, while George was courting her she had another suitor, a Virginia planter with much greater wealth and stature. In a little-known letter, Charles Carter wrote to his brother about what a beauty she was and how he hoped to “arouse a flame in her breast.”

Prairie Pundit,

See the description of those shoes Fausta. Hubba hubba. Sound like some that Sarah Palin would wear. I hope she was pretty, and that Washington was not marrying her for her money. I would hate to think that he was the first John Kerry.

I’ve always felt that George & Martha deeply loved each other.

And those are great shoes!

Martha was beautiful!



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  1. expat Says:

    Modern feminists have always underestimated the role and status of women in America. I think that our post-war affluence and suburbanization diminished the value of many traditional women’s roles and left women with a void. I have never quite understood how putting away the foods for an entire winter and sewing the clothes for a large family were less valuable than managing a chain restaurant or selling clothes at the mall. Both men and women have a greater choice today, but I’m not convinced that all those options necessarily lead to a more content or meaningful life.

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