John Kerry and the letter

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U.S. Officials Outraged at U.N. Over Hamas Letter to Obama
Sen. John Kerry will not be visiting Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal during his trip to Syria Saturday and U.S. officials in Jerusalem are furious at the United Nations Relief and Works agency for its handling of the letter.

U.S. officials are furious with the United Nations for its role in Hamas’ attempt to enlist U.S. Sen John Kerry to transfer a letter from the Palestinian militant group to President Obama during Kerry’s trip to the Middle East, an official source told FOX News.

The incident also has raised security concerns over how much Hamas knew about Kerry’s travel plans.

Kerry found out about it from the news:

Kerry turned the letter over to the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem on Friday, saying he was unaware that it was from Hamas until hearing about the letter in media reports, including on the BBC. He told FOX News on Saturday that he will not be visiting Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal during his trip to Syria on Saturday. He is scheduled to meet with Syrian President Bashar Assad.

And Kerry never even bothered to read the letter:

Kerry told FOX News that he never read the letter because it was sandwich among other promotional papers the U.N. gave him.

Hamas says the letter came from an individual not speaking for the organization, and

“At the same time we stress that we are open to hold dialogue with any country and our only enemy is the Zionist occupation,” he said.

Kerry’s been played by the UN.

And in view of that, we’re returning to Durban?

(With apologies to Moe Howard, Curly Howard and Larry Fine.)


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One Response to “John Kerry and the letter”

  1. 11B40 Says:


    Well, at least Senator Kerry didn’t hold Iraq Winter Soldier hearings while he was in Syria. and, he didn’t get photographed with a head scarf.