By the numbers


Doug Ross: Do the Math: An Investors Graph

Capital Commerce: Economic Math Vs. Obama’s Speech

It’s been a busy day and I’ll be heading to Washington tomorrow. See you at CPAC!


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One Response to “By the numbers”

  1. Pat Patterson Says:

    After my portfolio took another hit today one wishes that Chairman Bernarke and Pres Obama would just make happy talk about the great things they plan to accomplish. Because every time they actually explain what they are going to do I lose more than a few thousand dollars in the value of my investments. Promise me the moon but please don’t tell me how much its going to cost.

    Though I have to admit one of my neighbors is now willing to sell his replica Porsche Carrera RS for a lot less than its worth as his portfolio is much worse off than mine. Ah, the temptation is awful! I’ll be a lot poorer, I’m planning on asking for bail out money, but having a lot more fun!