At #CPAC: American Solutions

At the American Solutions breakfast, Newt Ginrich speaking:

“This is a country who believes in the work ethic, who believes in success, who believes that you have the right to fail… Americans have always historically been brave enough to believe in success.”

“It’s not our job to be the opposition party; it’s our job to be the better solutions party.”

“There is no reason to believe that the bureaucracy can save the free market.”

“Americans should decide.” There’s a cultural difference between those who believe government should decide, or Americans should decide.

“We meet world competition. If you want jobs, you need job creators.
Lower capital gains – match the Chinese rate for capital gains
Match the Irish rate for corporate tax.”

“Meeting environmental challenges we can come up with better solutions that work than the bureaucrats and the lawyers.
This means drilling for oil and drilling for coal.
Cap & trade is an energy tax.”

“Pres Obama has given us the great privilege of being the most leftist president. He has given us the opportunity of giving us a debate. Let’s have that debate.”

“To win you have to have ideas that are popular and that work. To govern you have to have ideas that actually work and are popular.”

“There is no single fight more important this year there is an alternative to the left, there is an alternative to big government, you should make 2010 the most consequential election in history.”

Saul Anuzis:
“We need to educate the public on how card check is going to take away the secret ballot, and this will mean to American families, American jobs and workers’ rights.”

Rick Berman:
“This is not just another issue, [card check] the unions are on a course to get this done. The unions are not talking about taking away the secret ballot, they’re talking about ‘higher wages, better benefits’. There is no conversation on the downside.”


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3 Responses to “At #CPAC: American Solutions”

  1. Heather P. Says:

    “It’s not our job to be the opposition party; it’s our job to be the better solutions party.”
    LOVE this quote!!!

  2. expat Says:

    Fausta, there is an article up at New Majority called “What I Saw at CPAC.” I’d love hearing your response. I personally find all this devisiveness terrible.

  3. Unique Las Vegas Travel Says:

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