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Liveblogging Rush Limbaugh at #CPAC

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

4:45PM Limbaugh walks in to rousing applause after being introduced by Lisa Di Pasquale as, “My aphrodisiac, Rush Limbaugh.”

Fox is televising the speech on Fox News Channel, “which means ladies & gentlemen, that this is my first ever address to the nation.”

“Larry King goes to heaven …”

4:52 “Let me tell you who we conservatives are. We love people. We see human beings. What we see is potential. We do not look out across the country and we do not see that person with contempt. We see that person can become the best they can be without onerous taxes, too much regulation and too much government. We recognize that we are all individuals.”

“We are endowed with inalienable rights, among them life.”

“We see so much waste, fifty years of the war on poverty. We resist the effort to group up, we are all different. There are no two people with the same outcomes.”

“Someone has to say this. Take a look at all the constituency groups who for the last 50 yrs who have Democrat for their lives. Those lives are still poisoned by those who say, don’t worry, just vote for us.

“I want everyone to succeed. I want every organization that gets in the way to fail.

“I have not needed a teleprompter for anything I’ve said. Our believes are core. We don’t need notes.

“We’re not a minority. The American people may not all vote but more Americans live their lives as conservatives in one degree or another. We need conservative leadership. All we need is the right candidate.

“President Obama is one of the most gifted politicians I’ve ever witnessed. He has extraordinary talents, it just breaks my heart that he does not use these talents and gifts to inspire the American people to be the best they can be.

“The freedom is the ambition, the desire, the passion people have. Why shouldn’t that be rewarded? Why is that now the focus of punishment, the focus of blame?

“The people who have achieved great things, most wealth in this country is entrepeneurial hard work. There is no reason to punish it. Barack Obama has taken 1 oath, and that’s to defend the US Constitutiion. They do not have the rights to take money from the back pockets of producers and give to people like ACORN.”

The audience in the ballroom where Limbaugh is speaking, and in the other large rooms where the speech is being livefed, are enthusiastically listening. The overflow room is standing room only, too.

“Welfare destroys ambition”. Large round of applause.

Von Hayek “for intellectuals, for all liberals, is all about control… We don’t have the money.”

Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Bill Clinton, “the architects of the crisis we’re in…get to sit around and dictate how we pay for it.”

Laughter at “after Obama’s state of the union show.”

Big applause at Joe Biden walking through the train station, commenting on the Indian 7-11. More laughs at “we have to be out of here by six. OK, if you behave.”

“The people who make the money are not the enemy. They’re the people who hire you, who give you a raise, who need you to work for them.”

“Obama forgets the recession of the eighties… because we got out of it with tax cuts.” BIG applause.

“In six weeks of this administration, Pres Obama has proposed more spending since the founding of the nation to his inauguration.” Wows from the audience.

“President Obama, your agenda is not new, it’s not change, and it’s not hope.”

“It is not their task to rebuild this nation”, audience stands up and applauds.

“Everybody seems to go orgasmic over bipartisanship. I checked with Fox, that word is OK. They covered the Lewinsky thing.”

“Where is the compomise of all of this punishment of the achievers? Where is the compromise between good and evil? Should Jesus have cut a different deal?
We’re going to have to talk about principle.”

Several people in the audience are pleased to see me liveblogging and give me their business cards.

5:32PM “Here is the big question, aside from the consitutional, where is the evidence that the people proposing this have succeeded at it before?”

“John Kerry.” Pause. Laughter from the audience.

Limbaugh rips the class envy/class stuggle, crowd is eating it up.

“That’s sick” crowd loves it.

“Conservatism doesn’t need to be redefined. It is forever.”

“When the hell do you ever hear a liberal say the era of FDR is over?” Big applause.

“Conservatism is a set of core principles. .. Beware of those who are making sure liberals like us, the media like us. They are our enemy. They want us to be defeated.”

“The media people” pant pant pant…”the invited Sen. McCain because he happened to be the loudest at criticizing our people… There’s nothing stale about freedom.” People get up & applaud, chanting.

“Obama’s purpose in having dinner with conservative pundits was to annoint those conservatives as his people.”

“You do not know that just the everyday life you live, live your life according to your principles, and you’ll be astounded on how many people you impress. Don’t be afraid to tell them they’re wrong. You owe them the truth about things.”

“We have to stand for what we believe and treat people as adults.” Applause.

“Joe Biden.” Chuckles from the crowd. After the anecdote, “I realize some of you watching on TV never heard liberals made fun of this way. Get used to it.” Whoots & cheers from the audience.

“We [Americans] are a competitive people.”

“We are not going to give up the American dream.” Applause.

“About my comment that I hope Pres. Obama fails.”… “I hope the Cardinals coach failed. I wanted to win.”

“They called General Petraeus a liar before he testified.” Boos. “Mrs Clinton” more boos.

“If his mission is to destroy capitalism. Why would I want that to succeed?” Big applause.

“I want the country to survive.” Standing applause, chanting. “I want the country to survive as we have known it, as we were raised. ”

“I don’t give people the power to offend me.”

“We’re talking about remaining the country we’ve known. It’s never been under assault as it is now. Optimism, confidence, stop thinking that we’re the minority. It is your beliefs, your core principles that liberate you.”


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Meeting Alfonzo at #CPAC

Saturday, February 28th, 2009


I had the pleasure of meeting Alfonzo Rachel of Macho Sauce Productions this afternoon. As you may remember, Zo was my podcast guest last year.

Q. How do you prepare your videos? Do you have a full script, or work from an outline?

A. A little of both. I sometimes do an outline, let it marinade, then work on it some more. Then during the filming I might stop and consider how to style it best to bring about the message.

Here’s Zo’s brilliant and funny latest,


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Around #CPAC bloggers’ row

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

A roundup of links by bloggers who are actually blogging while here:

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At #CPAC: American Solutions

Friday, February 27th, 2009

At the American Solutions breakfast, Newt Ginrich speaking:

“This is a country who believes in the work ethic, who believes in success, who believes that you have the right to fail… Americans have always historically been brave enough to believe in success.”

“It’s not our job to be the opposition party; it’s our job to be the better solutions party.”

“There is no reason to believe that the bureaucracy can save the free market.”

“Americans should decide.” There’s a cultural difference between those who believe government should decide, or Americans should decide.

“We meet world competition. If you want jobs, you need job creators.
Lower capital gains – match the Chinese rate for capital gains
Match the Irish rate for corporate tax.”

“Meeting environmental challenges we can come up with better solutions that work than the bureaucrats and the lawyers.
This means drilling for oil and drilling for coal.
Cap & trade is an energy tax.”

“Pres Obama has given us the great privilege of being the most leftist president. He has given us the opportunity of giving us a debate. Let’s have that debate.”

“To win you have to have ideas that are popular and that work. To govern you have to have ideas that actually work and are popular.”

“There is no single fight more important this year there is an alternative to the left, there is an alternative to big government, you should make 2010 the most consequential election in history.”

Saul Anuzis:
“We need to educate the public on how card check is going to take away the secret ballot, and this will mean to American families, American jobs and workers’ rights.”

Rick Berman:
“This is not just another issue, [card check] the unions are on a course to get this done. The unions are not talking about taking away the secret ballot, they’re talking about ‘higher wages, better benefits’. There is no conversation on the downside.”


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Obi’s Sister @ CPAC

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

While I’m socializing and taking pictures, Obi’s Sister has actually been posting,

Earlier, I attended the Media Malpractice session by John Ziegler. During the session, he showed the entire, UNCUT post campaign interview he did with Sarah Palin. This is the same interview that caused a media storm a few weeks ago when some snippets where shown in the usual MSM outlets.

Go read the rest!


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Cpac09: On Bloggers’ Row

Thursday, February 26th, 2009


Ginny Ray of Obi’s Sister and Mary Katharine Ham of Weekly Standard

Adam Bitely of Net Right Nation:

Ralph Benko of The Websters’ Dictionary and Erik Svane of No Pasaran

More later!

Venezuela’s Interior Minister: “Cuba’s Not Running Venezuela’s Sigepol”

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

My latest article, Venezuela’s Interior Minister: “Cuba’s Not Running Venezuela’s Sigepol” is up at Real Clear World. Please read it and leave a comment.

By the numbers

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009


Doug Ross: Do the Math: An Investors Graph

Capital Commerce: Economic Math Vs. Obama’s Speech

It’s been a busy day and I’ll be heading to Washington tomorrow. See you at CPAC!


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America invented everything?

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

My friend Maria, who grew up and lived in Eastern-Block Communist countries for the first 20+ years of her life, will tell you that one of the things propagandists were most adept in the olden days was to try to make you believe they invented every darn thing.

Back in 2006 a museum exhibition in Manchester, England was touted in an article on the “top 20 Muslim inventions”, which I briefly debunked in two posts.

So I find it bothersome when politicians resort to exaggerated claims on inventions. Why do they do it? Clearly the US is a technologically advanced country with no need for exaggeration. Yet in his speech last night, President Obama claimed

We invented solar technology, but we’ve fallen behind countries like Germany and Japan in producing it.


I believe the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it.

As it turns out, the start of solar techonology was developed mostly by English and French individuals, and automobiles’ internal combustion engines were developed by several German individuals. It’s not a country who invents anything; it’s the individuals who do the work.

Marc Ambinder is bothered, too, by these claims:

Well, I’m a little bit irked by Obama’s claim for two reasons. First, it’s gratuitous, unappealing boosterism. Yes, America is great and its people are highly inventive. God bless America! But it just happens to be true that, in the case of solar technology and the automobile, the Europeans got there first. Claiming otherwise is both desperate and unnecessary, like copying homework in kindergarten. We should learn to settle for the atom bomb.

Second, as an argument for why we should we should continue to support certain technologies, Obama’s point is laughable. The value of technical innovation isn’t nationally contingent. In fact, one of the best things about technical innovation is that it’s so easy to steal: a great invention in Luxembourg is still a great invention in Cleveland. We should be investing in the technologies that are most useful or with which we have the most comparative advantage, not the ones that happen to come out Cleveland. Even if Cleveland is a great city with highly inventive people.

So please, speechwriters, check your facts, and when you need to bring forth an argument, skip the boosterism.

Jules Crittenden has more.


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Venezuela’s new Sigepol

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Sigepol, Venezuela’s new ​technology platform which will audit Venezuelan police​, will be the only system issuing credentials to security officers in the country, is being provided by…Cuba?

According to Noticias 24, Venezuelan interior minister Tareck El Aissami denied that Cuba was in charge of the operation.

As I pointed out in my Real Clear World article, Tarek el Aissami,

Mr. El – Aissami is a Venezuelan national of Syrian descent who, before becoming Minster of Interior and Justice, occupied the position of Deputy Interior Minister for Public Security. His father, Carlos Aissami, is the head of the Venezuelan branch of the Iraqi Baath political party. Before the invasion of Iraq, he held a press conference in which he described himself as a Taliban and called Osama Bin Laden, “the great Mujahedeen, Sheik Osama bin Laden.” Tarek’s great-uncle Shibli el-Aissami was a prominent ideologist and assistant to the party’s secretary general in Baghdad during the Saddam Hussein regime.

What does this mean to US-Latin American relations? Tune in today’s podcast at 11AM Eastern and find out.

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