Sunday morning books, shoes and links

Haven’t done these for a while, but here you have them, mostly because it snowed and I’d rather go outside later, and don’t feel like doing the Christmas cards just now:

Roundup links, via Larwyn, and also now that my Feed Reader is – mostly – rebuilt (my old feed reader, which was a laptop add-on had 200 feeds, and then *kaboom* died):
Red State and Pamela remember Pearl Harbor, When men were men and America knew who she was

Reader Pappy sent this photo of Pearl Harbor just now:

The Baron just sent this, Saudi funds first mosque in Norway’s North Pole so now they can claim the North Pole is Muslim, too.

Hugh Hewitt’s Getting Twitter smart by getting a mentor.

Jeff Jarvis wants a Broadband nation.

Roger Kimball announces the winner of the silliest argument to be offered by a serious academic in the last 25 years and to be taken up and be gravely masticated by the larger world of intellectual debate.

Jim shares my opinion of Sudoku.

Richard looks at The madness of our age

Last but not least, Soccer Dad’s got Shiny Happy Dhimmi #4 ready for your reading pleasure.


Jules Crittenden has A combat vet’s reading list,
Larry Gwin, former US Army captain, Silver Star, Purple Heart, XO of Alpha Co., 2/7 Cav, 1st Cav Division, veteran of the Ia Drang battles of 1965 and author of “Baptism: A Vietnam Memoir,” spent many years trying to understand war and find some context for his own horrific combat experience by exploring war literature. It is useful exercise, because in this manner the combat veteran may learn from other people, find commonality in what they write, ease the alienation and find his or her place in history. It is an important part of the post-combat normalization process. Make that post-combat normality transcendence process. There is the risk of obsession, but if that is an issue, take it up with your shrink.

Go take a look – it’s an excellent sellection of books.

Add to that list this week’s WSJ’s Five Best Books That Emphatically Debunk Pseudohistory
These books emphatically debunk pseudohistory and spurious ‘knowledge,’ says Damian Thompson


A few selections for tango, including two pairs of practice shoes,

More tango shoes at Guaranteed Fit (I wear a pair of these), and at Tara, which Neo wears and highly recommends.


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    times have changed and the men who fought those battles paved the road of freedom we walk today and 100% of the U.S.A. owes those soldiers and salors forever. To them, i say thanks and God Bless.