Obama rejects Senate replacement

Obama rejects Senate replacement

Barack Obama says Democratic senators should reject the man proposed by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to replace Mr Obama in the US Senate.

The president-elect said he agreed the Senate “cannot accept” a new senator chosen by Mr Blagojevich, adding that Mr Blagojevich himself should resign.

Earlier today, Larry Reid did, too. Rick Moran looks at it from the impeachment point of view

As they say, developing…


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3 Responses to “Obama rejects Senate replacement”

  1. Anthony (Los Angeles) Says:

    Obama’s rejection isn’t going to mean jack to Blago and Burris, and Reid doesn’t seem to have any ammo with which to deny Burris the seat: see the 1969 SCOTUS decision in Powell v. McCormack.

    This is turning into quite a show. :)

  2. GM Roper Says:

    Commenters at PJM aver that Burris isn’t so squeaky clean which means if he is seated with the next congress, the Ds may have another scandal on their hands. How delightful for any Non-D. How ever this plays out, I’m laughing my ole fanny off.

  3. Pat Patterson Says:

    Boy, talk about a lack of spine in the Illinois legislature and the Senate Democratic Caucus. On the one hand one group of legislators with virtually unlimited power in regards to the cause of impeachment refusing to act and on the other those arguing to simply ignore law and precedent because it is for the moment the “right thing” to do.