Bear Grylls injured

Long-time readers of this blog know I’m fond of the Man v. Wild and crazy guy Bear. I get lots of visitors looking for “Bear Grylls naked”. He’s not naked, he injured his shoulder (via Jawa & SYLG):
‘Man vs. Wild’ host injured in Antarctic expedition

Adventurer and TV show host Bear Grylls injured his shoulder in Antarctica during an expedition to raise money for an international charity, the Discovery Channel said Sunday.

Bear Grylls, host of “Man vs. Wild,” was injured in Antarctica during an expedition to raise money for charity.

Grylls was injured Friday night after falling during the expedition, which was not for the Discovery Channel, according to the network’s statement.

The statement said that Grylls is returning to the UK to receive medical attention.

Let’s pray for a quick recovery, so he’s back jumping into a frozen pond soon.


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5 Responses to “Bear Grylls injured”

  1. Wyatt Earp Says:

    He is one crazy bastard. And damned entertaining, too!

  2. Pat Patterson Says:

    And here all this time I though Bear Grylls, without the French Foreign Legion claim, was simply a younger and shorter Super Dave.

  3. robert Says:

    The best headline on this was “Man vs Wild- wild wins one!”

  4. E.M.H. Says:

    “Bear Grylls naked”?? Do you have some hidden metatags we don’t know about, or is Google just reading your mind?


  5. Fausta Says:

    I don’t have hidden metatags, but for some reason I get a couple of dozen people coming to this blog every month lookking for it.

    or is Google just reading your mind?