Thanksgiving costumes, Venezuela’s Opposition Scores Key Victories, the bailouts, and friends’ roundup

Time for a roundup:

Via Rob Bluey, who was hosting the Heritage Foundation chat, their paper: Venezuela’s Opposition Scores Key Victories

Links from friends and bloggers I’ve met:
Palestinian Terrorists Found Guilty in Dallas: Justice At Last.

Washington State Regulators: “Is Blogging Lobbying?”

Bailouts posts, The Future of Detroit
Pot meet kettle
Dan Riehl’s Hank Paulson on a plane and Too ugly to watch,
and Borrow, spend, panic, repeat – Michelle has lots more interesting bailouts posts.

Biden replacement creates blowback. What I can’t figure out is, why didn’t they think of this earlier on? And who’s going to replace Hillary? Eliot Spitzer?

Update on Second Draft:
Counterattack! No More Lies! Will be doing a podcast on this subject next week.

Posts from bloggers I haven’t met yet:
Soccer Dad’s Shiny happy dhimmi – #2 carnival is up!

Via Larwyn, Eric Holder Defended the FALN Terrorist Pardons (Video)

Christina Romer: Obama’s Secret Tax Cutter?

Tne Random, Politically Incorrect Thoughts

More on the bailouts, The Change We Need – Not

Dan sent, Schumer: $500 billion to $700 billion stimulus. Dan comments,

Anyone who lives in New York, and travels to other parts of the country, knows that the billions of dollars D.C. spends each year on infrastructure sure isn’t finding its way to the Empire State. One good reason for that is our Congressmen and Senators. They’re lazy pigs. And once in office they quickly discover it’s easier to bloviate on camera about saving the country or the world than getting their hands dirty fighting for a new highway or a 21st century signal system for the subway. One of the laziest pigs of them all is our senior senator listening to himself talk above. Count on it. His “new New Deal” is going to include a massive public works program that would make FDR blush, but in five years’ time NYers will be stuck in the same traffic jams and standing in the same motionless subway cars waiting for the apocryphal “sick passenger” to get well.

No one to blame but ourselves.

The AP loves propaganda

Hell on earth, Zimbabwe.

Just say no: tell the EPA Carbon Dioxide ain’t a pollutant The luxury of environmentalism.

Tygrrr Express is optimistic this week, and explains why The stock market will be fine.

And for Thanksgiving,
I Am Thanksgiving Goddess, Hear Me Roar

The Anchoress Joyless prudes & panics, and Eric’s Activists win, because bureaucracy rules! on this beaut: Claremont parents clash over kindergarten Thanksgiving costumes; also at Yid with lid.


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3 Responses to “Thanksgiving costumes, Venezuela’s Opposition Scores Key Victories, the bailouts, and friends’ roundup”

  1. hall monitor Says:

    We have officially gone too far. The Thanksgiving story also made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

  2. Pat Patterson Says:

    Claremont College and the other four colleges in the immediate area(you can walk for one campus to the next and share classes) used to be populated by instructors and students who were very smart and generally very conservative. I spent my freshman and sophomore years at Claremont and some of the guest speakers were Milton Friedman, William F. Buckley, Gen James Gavin(who spoke of integrating the 82nd Airborne and dealing with the French while ambassador to England), Billy Graham and Bishop Sheen and my all time favorite Col. Augustine Pinochet(of course at that time no one outside of Chile knew who he was. My point was that the schools were conservative and at the height of the Cold War were sometimes labeled reactionary.

    So having people argue about girls in mom-made cotton Pilgrim outfits and boys in construction paper hats or feathers seems as if the virus has even made it to Upland.

  3. eric holder Says:

    JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – Republican Roger Wicker of Mississippi will take his oath of office Jan. 6 in Washington, along with other newly elected U.S. senators. Wicker’s inauguration is just a formality. He took the Senate oath Dec. 31, 2007,