Things To Be Thankful For In A Troubled World

Jules Crittenden has a list of things to be thankful for, among them,

The tide of history remains opposed to tyranny. One of the worst of the modern era, Saddam’s Baathist regime, is out of business. In Gaza, in Burma, in Zimbabwe, in Sudan, in China, in Georgia, in North Korea and Iran, while tyranny still exists, it is widely condemned. For all the rhetoric we sometimes hear, people know where the tyrants live. The values and freedoms nurtured in America and exported, gratis, at the expense of our own nation’s blood and treasure, are the values and freedoms most widely admired, and desired where they are not already emulated in the world.

Go read the rest.

Right now I am thankful for all the people who come to this blog and listen to my podcasts, and to all the people I have come in contact with or met through this blog.

A blessed and happy Thanksgiving Day to all.

(might even blog more today while dinner cooks!)


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2 Responses to “Things To Be Thankful For In A Troubled World”

  1. expat Says:

    And we are thankful for you, especially for giving us insight into the underreported world of Latin America–not to mention the latest in shoes.

  2. Fausta Says:

    Thank you Expat. It’s a great honor to hear you say that, and I appreciate it.