Postcards from the edge: Sandalistas {heart} Hugo

William Ayers is not the only one receiving that Chavista seal of approval (click on link for his statements at the Centro Internacional Miranda); today Simon Romero explains how
Venezuela Positions Itself as a Salon for the Left.

Petrodollar hungry whisky-sipping(*) Communist sandalistas from all over the world have made Caracas their VIP lounge: Like Ayers, they want the end of capitalism:

“We must help the current capitalist model collapse, for on its own this will not happen,” José Déniz Espinós, an economist from Madrid, told attendees. “I do not know of one system that has collapsed on its own. For this reason, we must not succumb to euphoria.”

Of course, they stay at the Alba, the former Caracas Hilton, about which I posted in September 2007. You can tell the effects of the Bolivarian revolution on room service that Romero describes it as

this country’s equivalent to the Hotel Habana Libre in Cuba: a drab complex once associated with American power that serves as a symbol of revolutionary change.

While at the Alba you can buy $147 souvenirs of Chávez, so your friends at home can build a little altar to him.

The Mecca of the sandalista pilgrimage is the Centro Internacional Miranda (Miranda International Center) where Ayers did the interview (which, by the way, was translated by his step son who lives at the Miraflores Palace). Of course sandalistas approve of the Miranda center since it flows with largesse:

Venezuela’s government also earns high marks from some foreign scholars for its creation of the Miranda International Center, a policy research outfit in a high-rise across the street from the Alba, and for prizes like the Liberator Prize for Critical Thinking. Franz J. Hinkelammert, a German-born theologian living in Costa Rica, was the first winner of the $150,000 prize in 2006.

After which they all go home singing the praises of their benefactor, who, aside from ruining his country,

“has taken on the mantle of crystallizing forces in opposition to the empire.”

Marty Peretz of The New Republic (who coudln’t bother to look up the meaning of guayabera) calls Venezuala, Haven for Humanity’s Defenders.

I would like to ask Marty where were these “Humanity’s Defenders” when this

goes on in Chavenezuela?

(* Correction: The article states the sandalistas were sipping whiskey. My apologies to the Scots.)

Just in time for the holidays, Jammie tells us the narcissist-Lenninist has a new CD out.


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3 Responses to “Postcards from the edge: Sandalistas {heart} Hugo”

  1. Kate Says:

    I’ve gotta hope that Peretz was being sarcastic, but these days I never know. I can almost excuse the fact that the author doesn’t know what a guayabera is, but to spell Venezuela wrong? Co~o…

    Jeje Fausta, guess what I’m getting your for Christmas 😉 Just kidding, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Consequently, I read somewhere that one of the songs he sings on it –which I believe was his own– is over eight minutes long. Why am I not surprised, given that it comes from the bloviating idiot?

  2. Fausta Says:

    It would be the perfect stocking stuffer… or something!

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