Obama might involve Iran in Afghanistan plans, and other posts from friends & FIHMY

Report: Obama Seeks Iranian Assistance In Afghanistan:

The Obama Administration is already considering talks, without preconditions, with the Iranian Regime.
…The same regime that has been killing our soldiers for the last 5 years in Iraq.

But before they even take office, they couldn’t even keep themselves from leaking details of Obama’s confidential conversation with President Bush.

I was talking to Friend I Haven’t Met Yet (FIHMY) Obi’s Sister, who’s suitably angry over the leak, which had to come from Obama himself, as there were no aides present during the conversation.

Scrappleface pokes some humor at the meeting, At White House, Obama Links Laura to George W. Bush

Friend I’ve Met Neo-neocon says By Obama’s appointments shall ye know him

Then again, there’s Jamie Gorelick. Another rumor has been circulating that she might be Obama’s choice for Attorney General. It’s hard to think of a worse one, although with effort it could be done.

Gorelick has a Zelig-esque history of association with disastrous epidsodes. From the erection of the firewall between the CIA and the FBI in the 90s (see this post for my in-depth study of the lengthy history leading up to that decision), to the debacle at Fannie Mae, to defending Duke against the lacrosse players it had so maligned, Gorelick has been on the wrong side of so many issues it would hardly seem humanly possible that she could still be on a list for consideration for a Cabinet post. And yet there she presumably is.

If Obama appoints Gorelick to the AG post, or John Kerry as Secretary of State (well, why not—after all, the institution is known as “foggy bottom”), that would tell us something about Obama, and it would not be good.

Add to that Jon Corzine, and you really got a real mess.

From Ed: Surprise: FEC plans to audit McCain’s campaign funds — but probably not Obama’s

Roger Kimball looks at Utopia Limited

Obamania may be a harmless enthusiasm that will spend itself naturally in the coming weeks. Then again, its “spread-the-wealth-around,” egalitarian tendencies may presage something far graver. It’s just possible that Obama actually believes what he says about redistributing wealth and sitting down for cozy chats with dictators, etc. In that case, the country is in for a very rude awakening. I think that is what worries Hitchens. It worries me, too.

James Pethokoukis, who’s been in Larry Kudlow’s CNBC show this week, explains why he believes Why Obama Looks Like a One Termer. With appointees like Gorelick, Kerry and Corzine, Obama will be!

Tonight at 8PM Eastern I’ll be in Rick Moran‘s podcast. Rick, who I met at the RNC, has an excellent post where he asks,WILL THE HARD LEFT PUSH OBAMA OVER A CLIFF? and payback time.

Then there’s the very high expectations, too. Jeremayakovka has a post on Black Democrat Warns Against Unrealistic Expectations

In other subject, King Banaian looks at the Minnesota senate vote count and asks, Maybe that’s three typos #mnrecount


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2 Responses to “Obama might involve Iran in Afghanistan plans, and other posts from friends & FIHMY”

  1. Obi's Sister Says:

    Thanks for the link!

    Talked to my brother (the Obi) on the way home. He is livid as well.

  2. Pat Patterson Says:

    I went back and scanned just the headlines and subheadlines from the NYT for about a month after the presidential election in 1976,1980-1992 and then 2000 and didn’t find any leaks other then some guessworks by a few newsreporters basically making stuff up. I couldn’t find one example of the incoming staff leaking information about conversations between the President and President Elect. Sen. Obama has created another first which shows that at least some of his staff cannot keep a confidence, have no sense of history and have no honor.

    Corzine might actually be ok as head of the Treasury as every time I have heard him talking about the economy he seems nonpartisan and more likely to act according to what might be needed and what might be possible.