Today’s Palin shoes’ post: the boots in Lancaster

Via Conservative Belle,

David sent a link to this tempest in a teapot from those who have much to gain from class struggle. The woman needs to look picture-perfect every moment of the day, which requires someone to do her hair and makeup, and a dresser. If she can look that good on only $150,000 by all means she has my blessing.

Clothes and shoes

More Palin shoes here.


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4 Responses to “Today’s Palin shoes’ post: the boots in Lancaster”

  1. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    Sarah Palin Wardrope Issues…

    The media is yammering on and on about the Sarah Palin’s wardrobe. Not just her wardrobe, but her accessories and her family’s wardrobes. Read about it below and see pictures of the fabulous Sarah Palin and a video.

    Sarah and Piper Palin

  2. prom Says:

    First at Ace.
    Now here.
    Heart attack, twice in a day. If Palin wants votes, she shouldn’t be sending older men into palpitations so very often.

  3. Ken Adams Says:

    The thing about Sarah Palin’s look isn’t her clothes, or her shoes — it’s her. She would be gorgeous in a ratty shirt, ripped jeans and Pro Keds, and the real people of America would still respond to her because inner beauty comes to the surface so readily.
    The media yammer on about the wardrobe because they can’t touch that other part.

  4. BettyJean Says:

    This is Bettyjean Kling – the Democrate for McCain Palin – you met at the RNCC and I am still going strong for the ticket. I am pounding the streets for them because I am saddened by what has happen to our country.

    Hillary was degraded over her pant suits and now Sarah over her wardrobe. Here is a woman who shops for used clothing in Alaska and who would have been ridiculed either way. Women are jealous because she is lovely – they were jealous of Hillary because she was brillant.

    Have you seen Governor Sarah Palin’s speech in Nevada? I choose to believe she means what she says – why shouldn’t I? It is clear that this woman is her own person and she has made her own choices and she has climbed the ladder of success on her own merits. She was not cultivated as a politician – she owes no one any favors and she is one of us with all her differences – she is woman watch her roar.

    Standing along side Deomocratic leaders of women’s groups, Sarah Palin made the most explicitly feminist political speech by ANYONE running for national office in the last 20 years. She said,

    “Women of my generation were allowed finally to make more of our own choices with education, with career, and I have never forgotten that we owe that opportunity to women, to feminists who came before us,” Palin said. “The belief in equal opportunity is not just the cause of feminists, it’s the creed of our country — equal opportunity.”

    As a Democrat, I disagree with Sarah Palin on many things, not least of which are environmental protections and corporate reform. But as WOMEN, how can we not read those words and be inspired?

    These words indeed are the words of a true feminist- make no mistake – none of us are in full agreement on every issue- but I believe we can all agree – she is a feminist.

    I appeal to Democrats and Republicans alike in asking you to please pass this on to every women you know and ask her to have another look and decide how much longer we will wait for a THE perfect women to show up? You know that perfect woman that will appeal to everyone in the country! Apparently that is what we are looking for right?

    Hillary wouldn’t do for half the country and now Sarah will not for the other half. Stop the insanity and let’s give this woman-the same opportunity we have always given the men we have elected – when’s the last time you agreed totally with any one of them?

    If there is any doubt that I am a Democrat – google me – BettyJean Kling- I gave a lot of Money to the HRC Campaign and not a cent to the Republican Campaign (Yet)- but my blog will show you that I am blogging exclusively Pro McCain Palin. I attended both the DNC and RNC Conventions- in fact you have pictures to prove it. I am all over you Tube seen at both!