Obama’s new attack on those who don’t want higher taxes: “Selfishness”

Obama’s new attack on those who don’t want higher taxes:  “Selfishness”

“The point is, though, that — and it’s not just charity, it’s not just that I want to help the middle class and working people who are trying to get in the middle class — it’s that when we actually make sure that everybody’s got a shot – when young people can all go to college, when everybody’s got decent health care, when everybody’s got a little more money at the end of the month – then guess what? Everybody starts spending that money, they decide maybe I can afford a new car, maybe I can afford a computer for my child. They can buy the products and services that businesses are selling and everybody is better off. All boats rise. That’s what happened in the 1990s, that’s what we need to restore. And that’s what I’m gonna do as president of the United States of America.

“John McCain and Sarah Palin they call this socialistic,” Obama continued. “You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness.”

Listen to the Marxist say it:

Video via Gateway Pundit, who also links to Mark Tapscott’s Notes on Obama’s Coming Caracas on the Potomac

Don’t expect Tapscott to be in the plane:

Once he is sworn in, expect Obama to move on multiple fronts to intimidate or silence critics. He has expressed opposition to renewal of the Fairness Doctrine, an action that would all but destroy Talk Radio and cripple the expression of conservative dissent. But he could accomplish much the same effect by imposing ownership caps and other measures, as Jesse Walker pointed out recently:

“There’s a host of other broadcast regulations that Obama has not foresworn. In the worst-case scenario, they suggest a world where the FCC creates intrusive new rules by fiat, meddles more with the content of stations’ programs, and uses the pending extensions of broadband access as an opportunity to put its paws on the Internet. At a time when cultural production has been exploding, fueled by increasingly diverse and participatory new media, we would be stepping back toward the days when the broadcast media were a centralized and cozy public-private partnership.”

The conservative non-profit and think tank communities will also be targeted. The Clinton administration used IRS investigations of trumped-up charges of tax exemption abuse to force The Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute and other other major conservative tanks to spend millions of dollars and countless man-hours defending themselves and their donors. That diverted millions of dollars worth of resources that could have otherwise been devoted to making the case against Slick Willie’s liberal policies.

Expect the same from the IRS under Obama, plus even more aggressive efforts in the form of attempts to impose racial and other quotas on think tanks at their director and management levels, via regulatory changes in tax-exemption administration. Legislation to do this in California at the state level is already progressing in the legislature there, so similar federal efforts are a virtual certainty.

And business community organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and National Federation of Independent Business shouldn’t think they will be exempt, either. The same exemption regulation that will be used to throw Heritage and Cato back onto the defensive will be deployed against business associations.

Ditto for defense and other firms doing business with the government. Expect massive increases in regulatory interference in the way these companies do business, including particularly their hiring and firing processes. Davis-Bacon’s “prevailing wage” requirements on federal contractors are a mere taste of what an Obama administration will do to insure company executives think twice before criticizing Obama policies in internal communications or in comments to the media.

Won’t the First Amendment prevent the creation of this Caracas on the Potomac? Well, ask yourself this: How effective was it in preventing the imposition of speech codes that effectively silence so much dissent from the liberal orthodoxy on the typical American campus?

The handwriting’s on the wall, guys.

F*ck him!


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6 Responses to “Obama’s new attack on those who don’t want higher taxes: “Selfishness””

  1. BettyJean Says:

    I Voted for Democracy Today
    In America Party loyalty is not what Democracy is all about – our right to choose who we vote for is. And our right to petition the government and our right to free speech and your right to unsubscribe to my newsletter if this upsets you is what Democracy is all about. With Obama you may not have those rights much longer.

    Joe the plumber no longer has privacy. They rumaged with impunity through Joe’s records just for asking a question when Obama came to Joe’s House! The telecom companies will also be able to give up all of your privacy too if Obama deems it necessary. Several news anchors no longer have the right to interview Obama or Biden. The Washington Times, The New York Post, and Dallas Morning News, endorsed John McCain, on Thursday, October 30, 2008, the reporters for these three top American newspapers were all kicked off Obama’s plane.

    Immediately after Sarah’ was nominated VP, the DNC had a slew of investigators flood Alaska checking her entire family out and she was charged, judged and found guilty of some trumped up charge in 5 weeks flat. A son of the DNC higher up broke into her Email account and distributed her personal information all over the internet.

    Yet you nor I can convince the courts, it appears after having filed well over 15 suits in numerous states including Hawaii. We have a right to request proof of his citizenship. He can stall the court for over 2 years over this but Sarah’s case was over in 5 weeks.

    He has sealed his records from Occidental, Columbia and Harvard and only releases that which can not be authenticated.

    His many long term associations Let me name a few- Jeremiah Wright, ‘Tony’ Rezko, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Kwame Kilpatrick, Meeks, Pfleger, Khalid Al Masour aka Donald Warden, Rashid Khalidi,. Farrakhan, Percy Sutton, Frank Marshall Davis, and his yet to be fully determined association with ACORN
    are dubious at best and when uncovered he casts doubts aside with ridiculous lies as if we are fools – apparently many of us are. I will not bore you with the details – suffice it to say he has lied to us!

    It is not even the friends he has and the places he has been and the list of associations that are out there that bothers me – it’s that he lied about it all, and when he was caught – he plays us for fools and brushes it away while putting American Citizens under harsh scrutiny and investigations that he will not face himself and yet wants us to trust him with our precious country?

    All week long, I have been loosing readers in droves- I lost about 47 readers this week. A few women decided Sarah was no Hillary therefore I was stabbing Hillary in the back to which I replied – It was not I that stabbed Hillary in the back it was the Democrat Party did that!

    One gal said she was a teacher with a master’s degree and based on the nearly illegible letter she wrote demanding a VP be at least smarter than she, claiming Sarah was brainless, I replied that anyone who could not put a sentence together ought not to brag about a master’s degree. I also told her she ought not to be a teacher not only because of her lack of writing skills but because a good teacher would never make a judgment on intelligence without qualified basis.

    I reminded her too- that although I disagree with Sarah on many policy issues, I can’t help admire her strength and tenacity. She is a mother of 5 who worked her way from a council member to the Mayors office to a Governor of a state to the VP Candidate of the United States of America based on her own merits without benefit of the Chicago Mafia or any political machine to prop her up. Not too shabby if you ask me, and a far cry safer as a VP than this unknown socialist that would take away all our civil rights and clearly has an anti women agenda.

    Several wonderful readers wrote and said something like I am a Democrat- I can not become a Republican – take me off your list RIGHT NOW! I wrote back and said something like – please reconsider – “I did not leave my Party – they left me I do not have a Democrat to vote for this year.”

    We chatted back and forth and most of them did reconsider and decided to stay. A few will not vote republican, but THANK GOD they will also not vote Obama. I am not asking anyone to become a Republican. Several – more than several actually wrote back in a few hours and said,

    “you have convinced me by saying Don’t think of it as voting for a Republican – think of it as voting for democracy since we do not have a Democrat to vote for this year so BJ- I am going to vote for Democracy since I can’t vote for a Democrat this year.”

    Thank you to those folks who turned those words right back on me- I grabbed my purse and headed straight to my voter office, asked for an emergency absentee ballot and I voted for Democracy yesterday – since I did not have a Democrat to vote for! And I am not alone.
    Finally- Let me end by repeating what I started with. In America that is what Democracy is all about – our right to choose and our right to petition and our right to free speech and your right to unsubscribe if this upsets you. With Obama you may not have the right – Joe the plumber not longer has his privacy- several News anchors no longer have the right to interview Obama or Biden. A few newspapers are thrown off the Obama plane because they lean right. What are you willing to give up just to be able to say you never voted for a Republican in your life? Maybe the better question is – Are you willing to Vote FOR Democracy this time? Democracy crossed all lines Democracy has no party! If you have not voted yet and you are a Democrat – do not despair if you do not have a Democrat to vote for tomorrow – just go to the Poll and pull the Republican Lever and send a message to the DNC that you voted for Democracy this year! Thank you!


  2. ctrip Says:

    I’m voting for Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president.

    Unlike McCain, Bob Barr is not a renegade within his own party, condemning President Bush for so much that he did that was good.

    And Bob Barr was opposed to the bailout and to the investment of US government money into big banks, which is socialism. McCain was in favor of the bailout and in favor of investment of US government money in big banks.

    Please help me support Bob Barr. A vote for Bob Barr is a vote for conservative principles!

  3. Pat Patterson Says:

    The desire and the practice of selfishness probably arose after the famines of the early 17th century at Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts among the Pilgrms. The holding of property in common and sharing the food raised was an utter failure. So much so that Gov. Bradford rewrote the charter and parceled out to each family its own plot of land and expected them to support themselves by work and the grace of God. And tradesmen, wood or ironworkers even brewers were allowed to make and sell their products without interference of excessive taxation. By 1625 the Pilgrims, instead of dying and sending pleading letters to their sponsors in England and Holland, began exporting some finished goods as well as maize.

    Those who wonder and fear when the US became “selfish” are simply this year’s version of those who want to createthat elusive new world order without the crass desire to better oneself by creating something new or simply working longer and harder than the other guy. That the desire and holding of material goods corrupts man and perfection comes from a sharing of those goods.

  4. Public Secrets Says:

    If you’re not patriotic, you’re selfish…

    So, first Joe Biden tells us that paying higher taxes is patriotic. Now we have his running-mate, the Harbinger of Hope, Change, and Waffles giving us the flip side of the coin: if you don’t want to pay higher taxes,……

  5. Jeremayakovka Says:

    It all depends on context, on implied and hidden meanings. Obama’s accusation seems to me an example of “getting in their face.”

    Selfishness is a highly desirable quality. As in having a secure sense of self, and moral and practical purposes in life. In this case, with what to do with earnings, wealth.

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