Obama campaign lies about Heritage Foundation’s position on his tax plan

Two days, and they still haven’t pulled the ads:
Heritage Asks TV Stations to Stop Airing Obama’s Misleading Ad

Two ads, one on print, and one on YouTube. Here’s the YouTube; ironically, it starts with “Not sure who to believe on taxes?”

The Heritage Foundation explains,

Two recent campaign advertisements seriously misrepresent the views of my client, The Heritage Foundation. They suggest, quite falsely, that The Heritage Foundation and one of its analysts support your tax plan.

The print ad on your Website as well as your ad entitled “Try This” reference a quote from policy analyst Rea Hederman. In fact, Mr. Hederman never said what is quoted there. Rather, the words you quote are from a New York Sun reporter who interviewed Mr. Hederman and summarized his views erroneously.

That the reporter’s summary is erroneous is evident from the actual quotes from Mr. Hederman presented in the article, which make it quite clear that Mr. Hederman believes your tax plan would be bad not only for the country, but for the middle class. By omitting the direct quotes from Heritage that are contained in the article and attributing to Heritage a conflicting statement not made by its analyst, the advertisement appears to be an intentional attempt to mislead.

“Not sure who to believe on taxes?” Certainly not Obama!


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One Response to “Obama campaign lies about Heritage Foundation’s position on his tax plan”

  1. Obi's Sister Says:

    Same song, second verse.