If you’re John Murtha’s constituent,

you must be a redneck! – or a racist. Who elected you to office, John?

The Manifesto of the Silenced Majority

Those undisclosed Obama donors.

Forget About the “Bradley Effect.” It’s the Berkeley Effect that Matters.

Via Maria, Thomas Sowell’s Polls and Pols and believers in Obama.

Obama: Why Reaganomics Didn’t Work. Spread the Wealth

With running mates like Joe and friends like Madeline, who needs opponents?

What did you think about what Senator Biden said?

ALBRIGHT: Well, I think it’s just a statement of fact, frankly, and in my book, I talk about the fact that there are a lot of big issues out there, but that also something unexpected – you always have to be prepared for that.

Let’s go to the YouTube:

Is that an ulcer in your stomach or are you just worried about the election?

Like horse and carriage: academic research grants and Playboy bunnies.

From the cesspool: U.N. Cites $20 Million in Fraud
Corruption Is Alleged in Congo, Kenya, Greece and New York

That’s Enough Big Government for Right Now, Thank You

Islamic Religious and Gender Apartheid: The Murder of a Christian Woman in Kabul.

Breath of the Beast #6- Asking the Right Questions


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